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I am such a dick at times!!!!!I was outside practising away with my Poi....everything was beautiful, I was admiring the moon and feeling really chilled dancing in the moonlight, everything was beautiful, a moment of perfection in my crazy life....anyway there I was trying to remember what I had just watched dianne do in 'The art of poi' Vid......and was practising away, pretty impressed with my progression, then.....F*ck me , I had a really scary painfull moment!....everything was flowing nicely and for some crazy crazy reason my string deceided to get attached to my nose piercing ......aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.....(I am pissing myself laffin now, as I type......but believe me it was so so so so painfull at the time)...I was just wondering if some of you experts wanted to give me a bit of moral support and encouragement or share any similar moments like this one to make me feel better......have you managed to get anything rather painfull tangled up while doin your thang??????Thanks 4 sharingLoadsa love .....'sore nose Angie'xxxx------------------"If you alway do what youve always done, youll always get what youve always got" 'someone wiser than me'[This message has been edited by Angie (edited 28 October 2001).]

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personnaly, i think that the Poi in the vids are for wimps. i use 2 metal bars about the length of glowsticks to practice, and i've hit myself manyatime, but i never screw up the same way twice!i also use 1.5 foot chains, not long string or anything like that.

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Well I haven't got anything tangled in any piercings (sounds painfull), but I have wacked myself pretty good a few times. I was trying to get the btb weave, and I clocked myself upside the head full forse, right in the ear! I shruged it off and kept on spinning, but my ear hurt for about a week afterwards. I didn't feel the full effect untill the next day. Does that make you feel better? I could tell you about the time I caught on fire and sustained 2nd degree burns (but it's not Poi related, I didn't even do Poi at the time) Funny you would think something like that would make someone not want to play with fire. I must just be a massocist, or maby I like controlling the thing that bit me, or maby....and as to red, I find the Poi vids helpfull sometimes. Especially when I am having trouble thinking of new tricks, an idea I see on a vid can open a whole flood gate of new ideas. Just because your resourful that doesn't make you a wimp. Do you get ideas from your friends, or other people you see spinning, then imrove, and personalize them? Really, what's the diffrence?[This message has been edited by smilee (edited 28 October 2001).]

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Maybe it makes you "more of a man."Although technically, if you hit yourself in the right spot with those you won't ever be able to say that.

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u might wanna try n put a bandade on ur nose peircing while u practice so it wont happen again........and as for the hittin urself while practicing, as do i, try wrapping the Poi in bubble wrap or something else soft


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