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Posted:Hey, I was looking for glowsticks on the internet and I saw that is selling 30 expired glowsticks for $10Has anyone tried this before? do they even work? (some of them anyways). Is it worth it?

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Posted:I use them to practice with but have never bought expired ones. They will be dead, I assume, although you can get them to work for 2 hours or so if you put them into a microwave fo 15 secondspeace outgarbo
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Posted:Well I've used them before and the ones I had were about a year after their expry date and I had about an 80% success rate. The ones that did light stayed lit a shorter time than they should have. I was using 6 hour sticks and they went for about 4 hours. But that was still plenty of time.


Posted:i have used expired ones up until a year out of date they still worked fine to make them last longer put them in the frezer when you finish using them there not as bright but they still work.


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