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Orrite folks,

we beltane people see www.beltane.org want to come and play in Amsterdam over a weekend.

We'll be drummers and fire performers, stiltwalkers and jugglers and more and want to find fun people and fun things to do in the city one weekend in March.

We live in Edinburgh and take part in the biggest fire festival there is which takes place every 30th April and want to meet folk who'd be interested in coming over and taking part in our festival. So to create friendly cultural links we're coming to this exciting soumding city to do some busking and shows we hope and to make friends with anyone interested in fire, music, juggling, performance, large scale independent madness and whatever more.

SSOOOOOO we want to know where, when and how we can busk, what is going on, some big party, an event of some sort where we could do a show and tell people about our festival and somehwre to sleep and friends that we can do fun things with.

IF you live there, or if you've just visited and know something about anything or you're wandering what the hell is going on then please reply and we can come up with something to make our lives a little bit more confusing and lots more fun.




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Please check ye olde Meet Others for info on people in that location.

I am moving your thread to the EPG forum.

Best of luck with your search!

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