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Chainwhip Instructional DVD

Chainwhip Instructional DVD.
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Your benefits
  • High quality instruction by respected master of the art, Onton Chan, to guide you through the steps.
  • Multiple camera angles and slow motion capture make these techniques easy for you to learn.
  • Grow in confidence and wow your audience!

About Chainwhip Instructional DVD
The Chainwhip is categorized as one of the �flexible� type weapons.
Others in this category include: Rope Dart, Meteor Hammers, Three-Sectional Staff and Two-Sectional Staff.
Those who have attempted to utilize this type of weapon, will certainly agree that they are among the most difficult weapons to handle.
Their difficulty, as well as their strength, arises from their flexible nature.
This DVD provides an instructional look at chainwhip technique, from the renowned Kung Fu Brothers in Canada.

This DVD reveals all of the techniques of an impressive award winning advanced level form of chainwhip technique, demonstrated by Onton Chan.

With the assistance of multiple angles and slow motion capture ensure even the most complicated combination techniques are illustrated in detail.

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    25th March, 2009
    Not for the faint hearted!
    "Very good footage and explanations are present in this DVD however it is HARD! Lots of leaping about required to perform the techniques.."
    , United Kingdom.   [Verified Buyer]
    GOLD Member since Mar 2009