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So we've been using lamp as fuel put have noticed we're having bodily allergic reactions to it. It's nothing serious but my chin starts to break out in zits after about 15mins and my husband's chest develops an itchy rash.

What types of fuel do you use and have you noticed any reactions with it? We used it for blowing fire, so cost effectiveness is important haha.


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do you use something (wristband/damp cloth/etc) to wipe after firebreathing?

anywhere oil sits too long will clog pores which will lead to spots and/or irritation, also it could be the skin cracking due to the heat (which combined with fuel not being wiped off would definately cause some irritation)

as for fuel; i use paraffin which is about £10 for 4litres, note that im from UK and i know paraffin has slight variations dependant on where you are in the world. i have gotten spots from leaving fuel sitting on my skin too long (usually a couple of hours rather than minutes tho) and cracked skin from firebreathing can make getting spots on/under my chin more common. i use a damp washcloth between burns to wipe my face down and it works quite well

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Well, paraffin is commonly used for fire breathing. But some people also use white gas or ultra pure lamp oil for this.

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I use only white flour for spitting. It's less spectacular, and only makes fire-balls (doesn't look as much like "fire breathing"). But it's 100% non-toxic and safer too. Your call.

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The description was helpful for me. :)

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Dear all,

Ive made an informative post about vuurspuwen (Dutch) and what fuel types can be used. Enjoy!

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