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Posted:I would like to purchase some Fire Poi heads.. I have found some I really like for a great price on Fire Mecca.
Is "Fire Mecca" a reputable business? They don't seem to offer a paypal option, and I am wary of giving out credit card info.
Has anyone purchased from Fire Mecca? Any problems?

(I am very sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum frown )

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Posted:Do it nao!

Fire Mecca is an excellent company, they make great products and are prompt with delivery. My last purchase was a giant set of Moonblaze Poi and they are fantastic! I plan on ordering from them again soon.

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Posted:I order from FireMecca regularly because I use their 1/2" kevlar to make people heads and sell them. FireMecca is a very good shop and their oval link chain is amazingly light. They have high quality stuff go for it.

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