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Posted:hey! I'm Jen. I'm new here, and I was just wondering,does anybody know of any Poi or Fire Spinning classes in Merseyside? Myself and a friend would love to learn, but we're not sure how to go about it. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks smile

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Posted:Try the meet others section.

Otherwise, try the videos here or on Youtube.

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Posted:Hello, I just lit for the first time tonight. I initially soaked for 3 days because it rained last night and the night before. The burn only lasted about 10-20 seconds before I had to re fuel. Is this right? Thanks!


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I usually soak til the bubbles stop coming... and thats not even longer than 30 seconds.... maybe 10-20 seconds?

And then it lasts about 4 mins?

Tell us about your Poi... what are they made of? How big are they? What kind of construction? Tube core it MUST be...

Where did you buy them? How many layers of wick are there?



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Posted:Hey im from the wirral i live in moreton and have been spinning for a while now, if u fancy meeting for a spin? i can teach u anthing u dont know or would like to learn, get to me on my email if u want?

hope to hear from you soon. laterz


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