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Posted: Hello All,
I need help with tangles. I've been working on them for several months and have gotten better, but it is still a random thing and I need some advice.

What makes the Poi wrap around eachother and then unwrap? ...instead of simply wrapping around eachother into a big mess? Is there a specific move, angle, pressure, etc. that I am missing? confused

I've tried fast and slow, long and short chains, lifting one hand or the other, but they still get wrapped up and stuck about 50% of the time. I'm dying to add these moves to my routines, but have to get them working 100%.

It seems to work the best if I'm spinning the Poi in front of me, relatively slowly, with some isolation to the spin, and longer chains.

If I don't have enough information here, respond and ask.



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Posted:these look great and they look so easy i can get em once or twice but still driving my patience to the test. oh well rolleyes

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