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PyrolificBRONZE Member
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I can honestly answer that I'd be living a very different life if I haddn't stumbled upon HOP back in 2000 (reg'd in 01 tongue) and I'm thankful for what this community has given me. both directly and indirectly its given me some of my best mates and awesome memories.

Im generally talking about people I've met through HOP - but the fire spinning / juggling thing is also probly due to it. I gave up on Poi in 1997 because I didnt have anyone to learn it from. without Hop I probly wouldnt have kept going when I took it up again in 2000. so yeah. Its not just 'another internet board' for me.


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ValuraSILVER Member
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Hop has turned my life around on a dime.

When I first registered I could never have thought that I would meet my husband who was in Melbourne at the time, and we would have amazing people from all over the world come and stay with us and broaden our minds and enrich our experience of life.

I would never have met my best friends in the entire world who I can now call at a moments notice.

Arsn and I have a beautiful and amaziing little soul called Taj who joined our life.... because of this board.

I was coached through some of the hardest years of my life with crippling Post Natal Depression on this board.

Doc lightning you are sent from the very heavens and I am thankful for your help with my son and the depression, and say thanks for you every day when I wake up and say my thank yous for the day.

Elke and Phaerie and Flynty and Gita who have picked me up when I fell very hard on my road to recovery, I wouldnt have even had the privilage of knowing such amazing people ....if it wernt for this website.

I am blown away at how this place on the net has effected my life for the better and every single day I am thankful to Malcolm and the mods for all their hard work looking after this place... It actually makes me quite emotional.

bless. ubblove ubblove hug hug

thanks Joshie...This has cheered me up after a few hard days... hug

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vain-ego pkBRONZE Member
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I'm so not going to be me right now with out all my years on here... lurking or not.

I've met some many beautiful souls... pass through my homes or met in various places and times in my life.

Times have been good, bad, hard, or sweet...

Right now there is some turbulence on these forums... it's all good.. it's all part of the journey.

I love my friends here.. you know who you are.


Rouge DragonBRONZE Member
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In short: Yes.

I'm far too tired and have far too much of a headache to elaborate on that for now though.

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pineapple peteSILVER Member
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yeah.. hop has changed my life in more ways than i can imagine...

it was because of it that i went to my first gathering.. where ive made so many friends that have led to so many grand experiences. i found out about CG through it, which led to me meeting so many beautiful people throughout australia that i may not have otherwise met. ive met people overseas, some of which ive had the chance to meet, some i will soon be meeting, and some i am aspiring to meet. most importantly, the people i have met, have shaped who i am today, in an entirely positive way. the good, the bad, the boring and the awe inspiring have all helped me become who i am today, and im greatful for knowing they'll continue to better me throughout the future smile

hug kiss hug kiss

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robnunchucksBRONZE Member
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yep if it wernt for hop i might get some work done smile

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MynciBRONZE Member
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ubblol ditto

I also met my lovelly lady on here 2 years strong in 2 weeks time and we still haven't argued. Also I'd be a lot poorer as I wouldn't have a second job ubblol

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pounceSILVER Member
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i can't even begin to express how much this place has changed my life. in the fall of 2003 i went through a very severe depression to the point of contemplating suicide. i had a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of lonely nights. i spent a lot of time on here during that time (woo, my post-[censored] days) and i made some of the best friends in the world because of it. my friendship with one of my absolute bestest friends (Lurch) began then, as did my friendships with so many people i call family now, and those friendships plus so many more just continued to grow.

oh ya, and i got better at poi. but that's a distant second, IMHO wink

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.:* Moon Pixie *:.Carpal \'Tunnel
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of corse it has... as every little thing you involve yourself in throughout your life dose smile

i suppose i could sort of say i met my boy through hop... tho it wasn't like we read each others profile and were into eachothers star signs or whatever like a dating agency ubblol He's hardly even ever on the board and we very rearly end up in the same thread together lol... hell i didn't even know he was a hopper and flynty's housemate when we met at common ground a couple of years ago...... aaaanyways... my point is's so much bigger than that... HoP is a .:*Community*:. grouphug

i have met SO many beautiful gorgeous people through HoP people i otherwise would never have met... people who i treasure dearly and hold so very close to my heart ubblove

Also being able to witness the evolution of spinning over the years! how amazing is that to watch!!! these days i very realy keep up with all the double triple uber quadruple wibble back-flip anti-spin flower air wrap isolations.... but how amazing to see where people are going with it all! and how amazing to see where it's all come from too...::*


yes... home of poi ... has *definitely* impacted my life. ubblove

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DarkFyreBRONZE Member
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Yes and for the better Methinks.

I didn't discver HoP untill I moved out here to NZ and with your guys help i have become a very confident spinner.

While there are some great spinners over here in NZ it's just so difficult to track them down at times but the HoP community is always here and ready to teach me all that I could learn or give reasonable advice when I ask for it.

So thank you HoP and HoPpers for your help, inspiration and possitve influence. I only hope that I can help, Insipire and influence others in the same way.

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BrennPLATINUM Member
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If it weren't for HoP:

* Would not have met so many awesome people, whether in real life or electronically
* Would have given up staff and fire twirling altogether in my journey's infancy.
* Would not have found out about such awesome events as 2uberoz and Common Ground: both of which have brought some of the loveliest souls to me
* Would not have set me onto the path of poi, fans, swords, juggling, rope dart, meteors... biggrin

Ultimately, my life would be a lot different, but as moon pixie said, everything you come across in life shapes you whether it be great or small. However, HoP has shaped me for the greater smile



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MikeGinnyGOLD Member
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Changed my life. The people I've met here have made me more whole as a person.

Ask Valura and Arsn if it's changed their lives...

...or Taj for that matter.

Or Bammers and Cole...


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IcarusGOLD Member
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Yep Yep. Its nice knowing your not crazy (or at least not the crazy-est! ubblol)

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_Aime_SILVER Member
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HoP helped me get over alot of the anxiety issues I had as an early teenager - because I actually had to take the world on head first to go out and meet some of these people.

I've been on some amazing journeys these past 3 years and I wouldnt be the person I am today without.

If anybody whos ever..pushed me on..when I was faffing about how scared I was, or took the time to calm me down....thank you hug

jo_rhymesSILVER Member
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HoP's definitely changed my life.

I joined in April 05, although I'd been poking in now and again since about late 04. I went to Play Festival and met some wonderful people, and now I consider HoPpers as family.
I've met people who I love and adore very much, and who I know love me back, and who are there for me. I've made some very strong bonds with fantastic people and I feel blessed. Thank you hug

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hamamelisBRONZE Member
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Definitely! Every now and again I wonder where I would be and what I would be doing if I hadn't joined here.. pretty sure it would be less interesting.

I definitely wouldn't be in Brisbane if it wasn't for HoP..

And the very few Manchester meets I did make it to when I was in the UK were pretty much my only social life outside of work.. sad, but true.

Yeah.. met some people who rock through here, I guess I've lost touch with a lot of my old friends in the UK recently.. partly due to the fact I've barely been there.. partly due to me and them just plain changing..

I probably would be going even more nuts if it wasn't for you people- it's a nice to have something consistently *there* when the rest of my life is in constant flux.



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GnorBRONZE Member
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I wouldnt have an online life wink

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The Tea FairySILVER Member
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 Written by: triskaidekia's a nice to have something consistently *there* when the rest of my life is in constant flux.


Pretty much sums up how I feel... I have met hardly any of you guys in real life, but I really value this place as somewhere where I can interact with lovely, intelligent, witty people who share many of my sentiments about the world in general, or else challenge my views on things in a positive way. hug

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faith enfireBRONZE Member
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It's a constant, and a learning tool. Not just poi but life in general. This place is so wonderful and it's nice to see us continuously coming together for each other

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ParafinfairySILVER Member
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If it wasn't for hop I wouldn't have met sooooo many people who are now really good friends in real life. If it wasn't for hop my adventures around Oz wouldn't have happened, well if I had made it out there I certainly wouldn't have met some of the most awesome people I've met in my life!

I know for sure I wouldn't be sitting here now looking back at some of the most amazing memories in the world...

hug hug kiss kiss

Thank you...

Slicing the Loaf as we speak.

I need it..... Trust me!

Pink...?BRONZE Member
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I can't even begin to go into how much HoP has changed my life. Although i think it's not so much "changed" as i was only 15 when i first started coming, more made who i developed into?

HoP has affected most parts of my life, helped me when i was low, introduced me to some of my best friends, taught me about life, influenced where i live - put it this way i am living in house with HoP'ers!

I truelly have no idea where i would be and what i woudl be doing if it hadn't found HoP. Scary thought.

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Mags The JediGOLD Member
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Of course it has! It's made me some of my best friends, some of whom i'm sure i'll know all of my life, and it's given me something to do on the long winter nights. wink


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_khan_SILVER Member
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HoP has enriched my life for sure, but I don't think it's "changed" it to the degree it has some others. Spinning is what's really changed my life, and HoP is a big part of that.

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_Clare_BRONZE Member
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And it's a good distraction... biggrin

Getting to the other side smile

fNiGOLD Member
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yes, in an incalculable number of ways smile

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decemberscalmSILVER Member
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My girlfriend got me into poi about 4 months ago. Since than I've learned the fountain, five beat weave, and am breaking through behind the back weave (moves among the more difficult to master). Yet theres still SO many tricks left to learn. Its turned into my obsessional hobby and is how I kick back and relax (even though its usually a work out considering how fast I spin). weavesmiley

Unfortunetely, I've met only two other spinners in the Houston area (both times at clubs). So the only spinner I'm able to hang out with is my girlfriend, its a rather lonely hobby here. When I get into college expect me to join in the events at other states. I love the community, just joined, and expect me to stay here.

PeleBRONZE Member
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short and tall of it,


ubblove hug ubblove
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I've been spinning for 2 months now so I am very new to it. I noticed when I spin I get the same feeling I do when kayaking. I dream of doing both at the same time while sledding in the kayaking down a hill. wink

HOP is a great place so far for me. Has it changed my life? Not yet but I will let you know when it does smile

The Tea FairySILVER Member
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Yes, and no... not in an obvious way, but I do love talking to all you lovely people and it keeps me from getting insanely bored when I'm at work! The resources, online lessons etc have been very valuable for me, especially as I don't know many people who spin and I'm quite shy so I don't normally make it to meets where I can learn from people (I was at Clapham once, so I have met about 30 HoPpers once at least!).

For a lot of people on here I think it really takes off in terms of changing your life when you start meeting up and interactig with people on here in the real world... I see so many of you on here who've found new relationships, new hobbies, new places to live, opportunities and directions in life through meeting each other and I doubt that would have happened to such an extent without HoP. hug

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