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Posted:So, what are your more random moments when you realize you love fire and why?

Example: this morning, I accidentally sliced my right thumb from the base to the tip, too deep for just "adhesive strips." After searching the house turned up nothing but teeny-tiny bandaids, I ran out to the car for my fire kit, where I found peroxide, butterfly closures, gauze pads, and tape to close up the gash. If it weren't for my fire kit, I'd still be bleeding all over the house right about now. redface

How 'bout you guys? ubbrollsmile

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Posted:This has nothing to do with Poi or anything, but when I was younger I was in my room, playing with a lighter and lighting stuff on fire (I was about 13, and a bit of a pyro, lol) and I found an aerosol can of something, and thought "Hey lets try this!" While IN MY ROOM I sprayed this can, light my lighter, and a HUGE Fireball erupted in my room. I dont think Ive ever laughed so loud. I was then smart enough to go outside, but I played around for an hour with giant fireballs smile I loved it!

I also used to light my hand on fire with nail polish remover.

I was a stupid kid smile




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Posted:i was always into fire a child, my first memorable moment when i "knew" was as a young child growing up in papua new guinea at a beach gathering with my folks. there was this huge fire and the locals put these big rocks in the fire so they could cook with them later.

i sat watching the flames, and got hypnotised by them and i vividly remember seeing these spiritule snakes dancing around inside the fire and that vision is still stuck in my mind today.


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Posted:I like it when you first light up and big drops of kero come off the wick while its still and make a really wierd woosh sound




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Posted:I'm not fire-spinning at the moment, I've always had a healthy respect for fire, but also an overwhelming fascination with it too.

When I was a kid I used to burn pretty much anything I could lay my hands on (I used to play on a building site, no shortage of supply!). Aerosols soon followed, then school allowed me to experiement more during science classes.

Then whilst at Uni I had a few mates who used to make their own fire-works and I was very much into that (Fire AND explosions! What more could I want?!?!)

Been down the self-destructive route too. Been dared to stub out cigs on my flesh, put out fires with my hands ... all that stupid stuff when I was trying to seek acceptance from people.

Now it's just an appreciation for it's beauty, it's power and it's use.

So much so that I'm wanting to be a retained fire-fighter ... learn more, respect it more, save lives and get a uniform that the ladies love ? smile

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Posted:plastic bags from haddows make cool noises and pretty flames drip off them when you set them alight...

on spam robots - "Burn the robot! Melt him down, and then we can make lots and lots of money from his shiiiny juices!"

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