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What do you Dream about?

Do you remember your dreams?

I must admit, its not often I remember my dreams. When I do they are usually vivid enough to stay with me for a few days or years. I think there are a few reason for this. If I smoke before I go to bed for instance, I usually wake up groggy and with no memory of my dreams. If I dont get enough sleep, or indeed to much, its the same deal. I guess it also has to do with your sleep cycle. If any of you guys would know more about this I would be very interested to find out.

Im very interested in lucid dreaming also, and have had some experience with this, it seems to me that there is some kind of link to astral projection here too though I dont know alot about it. I was facinated when I read Carlos Casteneda and the Teachings of Don Juan. There are other methods and I was wondering if anybody else had any experience with this?

What do you dream about? Are they recurring? Is it the same dream or is it theme that is recurring? Are they always different or ramdon? Any particular dreams stand out?

For as long as I can remember I have had flying or floating dreams, it usually involves me running to or from something. I may be with a group of people or running from a group of people or maybe even alone. The destination and content are very variable, some are scary, some are fun. The theme is always the same though. Running, jumping, bouncing, floating. Over buildings, off the tops of high stairs or walls, black flips and somersaults, always in slow motion always with a sense of adventure, good or bad, and a journey into the unknown. I was never caught either.

I used to dream about conflict where I would get into a physical fight with someone and would be unable to hit them. My fist would just slide off in ultra slow motion before it connected. Very frustrating. This went on for years until finally one night I had a dream about man driving a car that nearly hit me. He got out of the car and started shouting at me, I promptly floored him with a good solid punch, I also woke up at that instant and shouted Yes! and I was so happy I threw my arms up in the air. I havent had a dream like that since.

Last week. I dreamt I was a super hero. I didnt think I was a super hero, but I had a sidekick.. I was creeping around a very large ruin looking for the bad guy. I saw him just before I woke up. Straight out of a marvel comic. It was at night, all I saw was his dark outline. I wasnt scared either. I was hunting.

More than any other dream. One that I had about five years ago has stayed with me more than any other. I dont really remember what I was dreaming about. I was in bed with my - then - girlfriend and I woke up screaming. I didnt just scream though. I was lying flat on my stomach and I jumped clean out of the bed and curled up in the corner in a ball. A complete quivering wreck. I wouldnt let anyone touch me or so come near me for a long time. Pure terror, it took a ages for me to calm down and recognize the people in the room enough to get back into bed and I didnt stop shaking until I fell asleep. To make matters worse, when i woke, the rabbit got out of its hutch downstairs and decided that would be a good time to go for an adventure. He was scratching on the bedroom door and every time I heard it I nearly jumped out of my skin. All I remember was that I was in a forest and was approaching a big tree. I was looking around the base of it. Thats it. Nothing in my life has ever even come close to scaring me that much.

Please feel free to share your dreams here. We dont need to interpret them for each other, I think that is something personal for all of us.

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I tried this dream recalling thing once. I had to write down by details everytime I dream of something. Studies say that everyone dreams approximately 7 times per night?! You just don't remember dreaming them all, but probably only two or one. But I had to write down 4 or 5 dreams every night for a week. Funny thing for me is that every night, one of the four or five dreams is about cartoons or simply a funny GIF pic and I had to draw it down even if my drawing sucks.. grin bounce2

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