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Posted:Halloween is nearly here!

So what scary movie / ghost story give you the shivers?

Scary Movie: Ring (Japanese version)
A journalist is investigating an urban legend relating to a video tape. Watch the tape and one week later you die. When her niece and her friends die exactly one week after watching a mysterious video, the journalist seeks the truth.

One week after watching this I was still tense. I did not sleep after watching this movie - a mind bender to be sure.

Scary Story: Never Stop on the Motorway

Famous urban legend covered by Jeffrey Archer. A woman sets out from London on the motorway for a weekend in the country with friends. Preoccupied with her thoughts she hits a cat with her car, killing it and gets out of the car to lay it at the side of the road. She drives off and after a while she notices a van following her with the headlights on full blast glaring into her car. She waves to the van to pass to pass her out but it stays behind her. She tried to shake the van off, but the van sticks right to her tail. She can see the man in her rearview mirror and is a young, rough looking man. She starts to panic, remembering that a young woman was raped and killed on this stretch of road a short while ago and the killer had not been found. Coming to the sign for her turnoff she speeds up and turns quickly off the motorway breathing a sigh of relief at having lost the van. But to her horror she shes the van cut through the traffic and continue chasing after her. The van pursues her down the country road towards her friends house. She speeds up to the house with her hand on the horn and screaming for her friend. Her friends comes outside as she comes to a halt and jumps out of her car. The van speeds up behind hitting the back of the car. Her friend grabs a shotgun and goes to the window of the car. The young man in the van points at the womans car and tells them to look in the back of the car. He saw a man get into the car when the car was stopped on the motor way after hitting the car.

Crouched in the back of the car is a man with an axe.

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