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Hey yop,
in the process of perfecting some Rope Dart Kick Tricks and thought I'd share.

The Set up:
1. Spin rope dart in front of you in big circle so that it is going right to left at the top of the arc.
2. Wrap it round the right thigh once by sticking it out while the dart is at the top of the loop. After it has started to wrap round you need to let go with the right and catch the rope after it has swung round the leg. Now grab the rope with your left hand at a point between your right thigh and right hand. Oh and put that right foot down now.

So you should be in a standing postion, and if we trace the rope. It starts in your left hand, goes down between your legs around the back of the right thigh, up to the left hand, to the right hand which should be happily spinning the dart end. Note the rope doesnt completely wrap all the way around the leg.
This is the setup position for both following tricks

1. The right kick out:
With your right hand spin the dart in a circle going back wards on your right side. (From front to back at the top of the arc).
As the dart spins back raise the right leg, and out slightly to the right with the knee slightly bent. The aim here is to wrap the dart end of the rope around the right calf.
A rough line of the rope would be outside the right knee, around the back of the calf, wrapping around to the front going from the left side of the shin towards the outer ankle.
As the rope become taught acrros the shin, extend the leg. This should flick the dart forward so let go of the left hand. The two open loops should cancel them selves out and the dart should fly out to the full length of the rope. biggrin

2. The Left Kick out
Slighly easy to do and starts again with the rope held in an open loop with the left hand around the right leg.
Start doing a low weave ( I think thats what its called) with the rope-dart in the right hand
(Not being so co-ordinated at poi I need a sissy set up spin wink)
As the dart spins behind you from right to left at the bottom of the arc.
Bend the left knee moving you calf into the path of the rope. This should cause the rope to start twining the ankle. Before it completly wraps it tying you in a knot an making you hop all around the park, kick the left leg forward and let go with the left hand. This should undo the open loop and make the dart again fly out to the full length of the rope ubbrollsmile

Just ordered a camcorder off ebay so I'll post some vids when I can smile


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hey guys. thanks for all the inspiration! ive been a little stuck with my poi spinning lately and wanted to try something new...
lastnight i made up a rope dart from a old rope and small squishy juggleing ball... looks quite silly but works prity well.. ive worked out some throws and kicks and neck wraps... the lesson videos where really helpful!

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 Written by: fckinippy

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I do.


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necro bump link

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if theres anyone in vancouver wanting to learn im willing to teach

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