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Posted:Juggling and Circus Skills: Friday 27 - Monday 30 August 2004

Full details Cosmos Jugglers at Lower Shaw Farm

Excellent place, excellent food, good company - all ages (kids aged over 10), all levels of experience.
Poi, staff and club swinging taught by Anna, author of Modern Club Swinging and Pole Spinning.

Anna will choreograph large-scale fire poi and fire club swinging routines for the Saturday evening fire show.

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Posted:25 bookings in on 3 August. About 20 places left.
Sold out the last couple of years. Book now if you wanna come!

Also Laurieston Hall 2005 confirmed as six day event from 30 April!


Fable Goodman

Location: Sunderland

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I have booked.

It will be great to see people there again.

one of the best events of the year, by far.

love and hugs



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