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Posted:Anybody tried using YoYo Flashers as Poi, or taken out the light when the ball is broken and attached them to string.

They have recently been banned in the UK as they may (read never has happened in the 20000 sold and are as dangerous as a normal yoyo) strangle a child by wrapping around the neck.

I've found them to be quite fun for a quick twirl, the only problem being having to hit them against the ground to start the flashing.

anyone else?

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Posted:Im sure the bulb is an LED which many people attach to Poi. There are also manufactured ones you can buy on HoP's shop.

As for banning them because they strangle children, that's just comical. How the hell could they possibly kill a kid? It requires quite a bit of pressure to strangle someone, it's not like you could possibly wrap it that tightly around your neck unless you were activly pulling it tighter with your muscles instead of just the momentum of the yoyo. It would take a pretty funky (read unlikely) tangle to make it actually keep up this amount of pressure without it slacking up when the kid stops pulling on it. So the kid would pass out and the string would loosen up and the kid would be able to breath again.

Stupidest law ever.


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