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Posted:I was flipping Channels the other day and came to Lifetime or WE or somethin like that ( The Channel for Women )and they were selling some junk infomercial style but for a break they brought out a couple who were renegade jumpropers or something like that. Anyway I watched as they Jump Roped together and did some really cool moves, now most of the stuff was probably better suited to Meteors but it looked like you could adapt some Poi Moves as well. What really caught my eye was the following.Guy was spinning what we can call a weave on either side of his body, then he sat down with his legs together and straight out in front of him. Like you are going to stretch out your quads. Now he was doing what could be termed a Windmill over his head and then ( and this is the cool part ) he dropped his Hands to the left side of his body and continued swinging parallel to the ground with the handles nearly touching the floor and the rope maybe a 1/2 inch off the ground.As the rope came around he would jump his butt and legs off the floor so the rope would pass completely under him and then he would land and the rope would do another a circle and he would do the same thing again. Jump his Butt and legs straight up with the rope passing under. Now with Poi and Fire I would say you would need to Jump and elevate your feet a bit higher ( Like 6 Inch Drills from Foot ball Practice ) to allow the wicks to pass unhindered.Anyone care to try? Send in the Video if you can pull it off. Code


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Posted:I think it was Xaeda who was working on this several months ago. It is also feesible to do this by laying on your back with your legs in the air as if in fetal position. You strighten your legs a little by jerking them quickly upwards which creates a hop effect. The rope slides under the body from head to butt. I have seen this several times with those kids team jumpers on the circus and such. I haven't had the gall to give it a try but I know it can be done. I wonder how Xaeda ever faired with it.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

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