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4 Star Reviews for Glow Lumi TrickStix Devil Stick

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     27th August, 2019

Value for money
"A decent set of flower sticks. Im impressed by the led lights. Quite luminous and nice color combinations, and a good variety of settings. The sticks however are not the easiest ones to play with, they are not as sticky as the more expensive ones (obviously?), but all in all a great value for money. Would recommend."
, Norway.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Jul 2019

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     2nd March, 2019

3 star product that gets 4 stars for value
"The quality of material is not the highest. It is a nice light set but the use of a fairly thin plastic has a decent amount of bend to it meaning if you try to catch the daisy stick near the end of your control sticks it bends back and rolls away from you unless you overcompensate. This does allow for some bouncy tricks off the knees and feet. The grip is decent although it's pretty thin so you don't get much impact absorption. The tassles slow the center stick just enough. LED - brightness is good. Options are okay. Main complaint is the 2 ends don't stay in sync. If you turn both ends on rainbow flow at the same time after about 30 secs they are on completely different colors. Not sure on battery life yet but 2hrs so far and no dimming. The center stick is a lot thicker than any I've ever played with but as I've used them more it's feeling more normal. Overall it's been worth it for me and I've gotten what I've paid for."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Feb 2019