Single Wooden Mojura Fan

Single Wooden Mojura Fan

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Wooden practice tech fan meticulously designed and crafted by Flow DNA in South Africa.
You will need to order 2 of these to have a pair.

Ihre Vorteile
  • Balanced and shaped for box-tech manipulation, fishtails, gunslingers, spinning, and juggling*.
  • Centre-of-mass marked out with a logo.
  • Side balance points visibly indicated.
  • They feel great for layering 2-fans-1-hand techniques.
  • Additional grips on the sides for extra techy movement opportunities.
  • Comfortable to hold at any point along the edges, as well as the inside of the flow fans.
  • They get made from highly durable birch plywood and finished with eco-friendly shellac like a luthier-crafted custom guitar.

Über Single Wooden Mojura Fan
You will need to order 2 of these to have a pair.

They were created from the ground up not just to look good, but ergonomically to feel good in your hands however you hold them (not just on the handles).
They are shaped to stimulate the persistence of vision effects in motion and rounded off for the comfort of holding them, with a slightly bubbly feel to touch.
With a 15-step finishing process designed by a professional luthier, you can feel the smooth grain of the wood slide inside your hands.

*While this aviation-grade birch plywood will not break unless you try really hard, we do not recommend juggling on harsh surfaces like bricks and concrete, as the drops will cause marks on the edges of your practice fans.

Available in small and medium sizes and 2-finger, 3-finger or 4-finger grips.

2-Finger Grips:
If you like to perform box-techy manipulations that involve more jerky movements where you need to stall the fans at specific angles, then a tech grip might work better for you.
The angular shape of the tech grips helps with stopping at increments of 45 degrees.

3-Finger Grips:
These have similar advantages to the 2-finger grips, except the finger holes are bigger so that 3 fingers can fit into them, or 2 fingers if your fingers are quite thick.
Slightly more suited for tosses than the smaller tech grips.
The handles are more like a cushioned square than the octagonal 2-finger grips, allowing for easy stalls at 90-degree increments.

4-Finger Grips:
If you prefer to spin your Mojura practice flow fans in a continuous flow, performing lots of weaves and fountains, or if you want to do a lot of tosses with your poi fans, then the 4-finger grip is more suited to your style.
The larger ring allows for wilder spinning movements than a tech grip and is easier to catch in the air, while the wide outer ring allows for easier stalls and box-tech manipulations than a Russian grip.

This depends on grip style, finger/hand size, arm length, and personal preference.

Arm length - The small and medium flow fans also have different total length and width.
If you're a small person, or you like to do a lot of tech inside your arms, then you might prefer the smaller sizes, so the flow fans can fit in the space between your hands and elbows.

2-Finger Grip - Measure your middle and ring fingers together at the middle knuckles.
If they are larger than 37mm (1.45 inch), then you'll need the medium size.
Larger than 42mm (1.65 inches) and you might need a 4-finger grip, or contact us about a larger tech grip option.

3-Finger Grip - Measure your middle, ring, and pinky fingers together at the middle knuckles.
If they are larger than 47mm (1.45 inch), then you'll need the medium size.
Larger than 53mm (1.65 inches) and you might need a 4-finger grip, or use 2 fingers with a 3-finger grip, or contact us about a larger tech grip option.

4-Finger Grip - Measure the width of your 4 fingers at the middle knuckles.
If you measure wider than 72mm (2.83"), then the small size won't fit easily, and you'll need the medium size.
If larger than 82mm (3.23"), or if you prefer a more spacious Russian grip, please contact us about a larger option.
Technische Daten
  • Material: Birch plywood
  • Thickness: 9.5mm (0.375")
  • 2-Finger Small: Grip ring size: 37mm (1.45"), Length: 324mm (12.75"), Width: 454mm (17.87"), Weight: 205g (7.23oz) per fan
  • 2-Finger Medium: Grip ring size: 42mm (1.65"), Length: 356mm (14"), Width: 500mm (19.68"), Weight: 245g (8.64oz) per fan
  • 3-Finger Small: Grip ring size: 47mm (1.85"), Length: 324mm (12.75"), Width: 454mm (17.87"), Weight: 205g (7.23oz) per fan
  • 3-Finger Medium: Grip ring size: 53mm (2.08"), Length: 356mm (14"), Width: 500mm (19.68"), Weight: 245g (8.64oz) per fan
  • 4-Finger Small: Grip ring size: 72mm (2.83"), Length: 330mm (13"), Width: 454mm (17.87"), Weight: 205g (7.23oz) per fan
  • 4-Finger Medium: Grip ring size: 82mm (3.23"), Length: 364mm (14.33"), Width: 500mm (19.68"), Weight: 245g (8.64oz) per fan

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