Single Atomic V Classic LED Hoop

Atomic V Classic Hoop LED Hoop by Astral Hoops

Single Atomic V Classic LED Hoop

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Our 5th generation Atomic LED Hoop is the result of over a decade of continuous innovation.
Purchase now to mesmerize your audience with its rich colors and one-of-a-kind patterns.

Ihre Vorteile
  • Shine brightly with 60 LEDs per meter.
  • High Definition LEDs!
  • Completely Lit Hoop.
  • Our LEDs are spaced evenly around the hoop with no uneven light gaps.
  • Advanced 16 million color LED circuit, super bright and incredibly durable.
  • A sensible weight.
  • Internal components weigh as little as 3 ounces!
  • 5 points of balance for consistent performance.
  • Collapsible LED Hoop for easy travel.
  • Upgradable - Atomic LED Hoops can be upgraded with future advancements
  • A sanded stripe on the inside of the hoop for better grip.
  • 2.5 to 4 hours battery runtime.
  • Easily monitor your battery life.
  • Intelligent power regulation maximizes battery run time.
  • Quick USB-C charging.

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Über die Single Atomic V Classic LED Hoop
This hoop is the perfect choice for a remote-controlled LED hoop with 100+ built-in patterns to customize by color and speed for infinite possibilities.


You can customize the color, brightness, and speed of any mode.
Crank it up for blinding light, or turn it down to increase battery life.
Favorites - Store up to 30 customized favorites!
POVs - Original 15 Evoke POVs + 15 all-new ones.
More Rainbow - More stunning rainbow color schemes.
Comets - Orbit your body with comets.
Random pattern generators - 5 Random modes create a new pattern every time.

Weight of Hoop

28" and under 5/8" tubing 8oz 225g
29" and up 11/16" tubing 10oz 275g


Atomic Hoops can be upgraded with future advancements or to another model without buying a whole new hoop.


Its like having a DJ for your hoop.
Over 100 patterns continuously layer on top of each other with smooth fades and transitions.


Your Hoop comes with a 12 Months Warranty to protect against manufacturing defects.
You also get free 60 Days Astral Care to protect against accidental damage such as tubing breaks and water exposure.

Easily one of the best hula hoops for sale - Buy one now!

Technische Daten
  • One of the best LED Hoops available
  • Keychain Remote + Lanyard *NEW*
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Polypropylene Tubing
  • Precision counterweight balanced
  • It Runs up to 4 hours on one battery
  • It comes with an internal Li-ion battery
  • 60 LEDs per Meter full color, 360-degree LEDs create a Higher Density depending on the diameter of the Hoop
  • For your health and the environment, we use only RoHS-compliant and lead-free components, and solder workmanship and durability are guaranteed with a Lifetime Warranty.

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