Ignis Pixel - Image Stabilization Option Kit

Ignis Pixel - Image Stabilization Option Kit

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Spin slowly, spin quickly - an image in the air keeps its width and position around the circle.
This function improves image recognition by the audience.

Ihre Vorteile
  • Stabilization by stretching: Speed changes, an image doesnt stretch or distort.
  • Stabilization by phase: On every turn an image appears in the same places, the positions remains intact

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Über die Ignis Pixel - Image Stabilization Option Kit
Image Stabilization option - its a motion sensor, has the following features:
- keeps the width of an image in the air when you change spinning speed;
- keeps positions on images in the air around the circle, when you spin the props
- reacts to movements.
When the props move slowly or are not touched, the light flows slowly, creating beautiful illumination.
When you start moving the props, the light revives.
It adds a strong visual effect, and for pixel props that is very important.
Image Stabilization can be turned on/off.
Available for PRO poi models Ignis Pixel 144 HD, 200 HD, 256 HD, Ignis Pixel Fans 36, Ignis Buugengs 80
The price is for 1 set of props.
Add only 1 Stabilization option for 1 pair of props.
Attention - not supplied separately.
This is a built-in feature, and you can buy it only by buying Ignis props.
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