Pack of 6 x LR44 cells

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Battery Pack of 6 x LR44 cells

LR44 batteries in a convenient 6pk.
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USD $ 2.43 Pro  Paket

USD $ 22.25 Zehnerbox Paket: (Sparen Sie: USD $ 2.09)

USD $ 201.66 Hunderter-Karton Paket (Sparen Sie: USD $ 41.72)

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Ihre Vorteile
  • Great value for money.
  • HoP approved!
  • Tried and tested for good life.
  • Completely compatible with our LED glow balls.

Über Battery Pack of 6 x LR44 cells
Although the following products come complete with batteries it is always good to get some spares.
And for less than you'll pay at WalMart for a 6-pack, these are about as cheap as they come for a quality battery.
Technische Daten
  • 6 LR44 batteries per pack
  • 1.5 volt button cell alkaline battery.

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