75mm Acrylkugel
  • 75mm Acrylkugel
  • 75mm Acrylkugel
  • 75mm Acrylkugel
  • 75mm Acrylkugel
  • 75mm Acrylkugel
  • 75mm Acrylkugel
  • 75mm Acrylkugel
  • 75mm Acrylkugel
  • 75mm Acrylkugel
  • 75mm Acrylkugel
  • 75mm Acrylkugel
  • 75mm Acrylkugel
  • 75mm Acrylkugel
  • 75mm Acrylkugel
  • 75mm Acrylkugel
  • 75mm Acrylkugel

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Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball 75mm (3 Inch) Colour

Coloured acrylic contact juggling balls measuring 75mm (3 inches) in diameter.
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Ihre Vorteile
  • Suitable contact juggling balls for beginners when doing one ball tricks.
  • Beautiful colors that look great in sunlight and under stage lights.
  • Mixing colors allows you to show your audience the movement of each acrylic ball for added effect.
  • Mehrballtricks gelingen leicht und einfach.
  • Perfekt für isolationen.
  • Durable and chip resistant for a long-life product.

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Über Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball 75mm (3 Inch) Colour
Wir sind stolz, unsere neue Auswahl an wunderschönen farbigen Bällen in reinem Acryl vorstellen zu können.
Unlike polycarbonate juggling balls, or glass juggling balls, acrylic balls have no resistance when rubbed against another acrylic, making your multiball stacks smooth and easy, and perfect for isolations.

These balls are made using optical grade material, which is free of internal distortions, seamless, one-piece, and highly polished.
The pigment evenly diffused throughout the ball, which means you can maintain the illusion of the ball floating instead of rolling.
Durable, chip-resistant, and virtually shatterproof.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Farbe 'Samtschwarz' eher Opak als transparent ist.
Which means you can not see through the black ball.
Technische Daten
  • Durchmesser: 75mm / 3 inches.
  • Gewicht: 280g.
  • Pure acrylic balls.

  • Durchschnittliche Kundenbewertung für Service und Support:
    Anzahl der Rezensione: 4245.
  • Wir möchten Ihnen sichere Qualitätsprodukte bieten und dazu jeden nur erdenklichen Support.
  • Unser freundlicher Kundendienst ist gerne für Sie da, um Ihnen bei allen Angelegenheiten Ihrer Bestellung zu helfen.
Meine Garantie für Sie
Malcolm Crawshay, Managing DirectorMalcolm Crawshay, Managing Director"Wenn Sie aus irgendeinem Grund nicht 100% zufrieden mit unserer Ware sind, schicken Sie diese an uns innerhalb von 30 Tagen nach Erhalt zurück, um eine vollständige Erstattung für die Artikel zu erhalten."
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Malcolm Crawshay
Managing Director
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"One of the better buys I've made in a while. It's crystal clear, I've dropped it quite a few times cause I'm a novice, and there's no noticable damage or scuff marks. Plus it draws attention from all my friends cause it's beautiful and eye-catching. Definitely buying more when I get the chance."
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     28th July, 2017
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     13th June, 2017
Red contact juggling ball is amazing!
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"beautiful ball I have got green ball it is perfect to performance and it is rare to see."
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It's Not The Size It's How You Use It.
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Black one
"Bought the black one. Solid colour can't see trough it (light doesn't go trough it. Really happy :)"
, Finland.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Aug 2011

     9th August, 2011
"These arrived quickly and as far as I can tell are flawless. I have only been learning contact juggling for a short time but these are a real eye opener for anyone who is just playing around or using them in an actual performance."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Jul 2011

     30th March, 2011
"7 days shipping to Canada! Totally beautiful."
, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Feb 2011

     22nd February, 2011
"Received it and it's close to perfect. Clean and clear in- and outside - no scratch only very small tiny dust/bubbles inside - no one will see it when you are in action. Buy it."
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