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i didn't get the chance to ask his name... although theres a good chance that he told me and i forgot due to my compete lack of ability to remember things further then 13 seconds into the past..... it was outside the dance tent around midday on sunday at Reading. i think you wear wearing a "funeral for a friend" t-shirt... might have been something else. but it was black, i remember that much. you borrowed the poi's from one of the Oxfam securty types and we talked breifly. i cant remember if i was wearing a sarong by then... did have a head scarf on i think... but who ever you were... you were really good....

oh yeah, just out of interest... did anybody else find there was a casual lack of respect for the poeple spinning high velocity objects at the carling weekends? had so many people think it would be clever to walked right in front/behind/ to the side of me, blatantly aware of me.... oh well.... everybody else liked it....

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hope you find him. cuz i am looking for people too. should i list them or start a new thread for it? either way it will be fun.

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maybe your bad memory is the result of karma from stealing your neighbours milk

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Yer i had a load of people walk right into me chains when i was spinning glowsticks outside the dance tent (on the largest area of grass i could find) Sat night - nobody seemed to notice these spinny light things and just walked straight into them. That seemes to be the problem with Reading - not enough space, everyones jammed into this little area so not realy enough space for spinning, that and no-one seems to give a damn about each other - bloomin rockers, give me the glasters hippys any day

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