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Posted:Hello HOP this is my first post!

Ive been *trying* to do wraps but I cant seem to keep my walls perpendicular to me, especially when I'm holding them farther from my body. I figured since this is a question about twirling walls, it belonged in the beginner section. The question is, how do you suggest I grip and twirl a wall? I have socks with no finger loops, just a knot on the end. I make a fist with the palm to the ground and hold the Poi between my index and middle finger like in this picture:

My grip

Keeping the palm downward, I move my wrists in a circular motion, but the Poi seem to veer out.

Do I just need more practice, or can you suggest a different grip/movement?

Thanks a bunch!

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Posted:If thats the grip thats comfy for you, keep using it. But maybe play around with a few different grips.

I like to use a key grip, which is to grip the Poi as you would hold a key (albeit with a lot of it in your hand as you have there)

Often I wrap around my middle and index finger, sometimes again around my index finger. My Poi are rather long.


The above link is a great exercise for plane control.

There are threads on this on HoP, so if you get stuck just do a search for "planes" and you should come up with a few results and hopefully some further handy tips.



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Posted:Using that grip (which is the same I use) - for wheel plane (which I think you mean... "wall plane perpendicular to me") you'll want your palms facing in as opposed to down

For wall plane, i.e. plane parallel to you - it's more palm up/down (depending on the move).

In truth, with practise and as your repetoire of moves increases you'll learn to adapt the planes using whichever hand position/grip yuo happen to be in.

Just to clarify, and resorting to ASCII code...
Looking down on Poi spinner, facing forward/up;
Wheel plane:

Wall plane

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