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Posted:So I've been doing Poi for about 5 months now and I kind of hit a dead end. In the beginning I learned moves fast and made quick progress, but now that they take longer to learn I find myself floating between a bunch of half-learned moves.

So I was hoping for advise on what moves to pursue next, hopefully some kind of structured list, kind of like a lesson plan : ubbrollsmile.

Here's what I can do at the moment:

5bt forward, reverse, forward btb, 3 bt reverse btb.
Butterfly weave, 5 bt windmill.

Inward, outward, ttn, inward btb (sloppy), overhead

Airwrap in front over the head to outward butterfly
Foward 3bt-->forward btb-->reverse btb-->reverse 3bt-->windmill-->forward 3bt

jump overs
elbow shots

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Posted:FLOWERS!!!! bounce

You'l have loads of fun learning them, and it will open up your spinning a fair bit. There are lots of variations, forwards, backwards, anstipin, opposite directions etc.

Learn Isolations as well, you'll find yourself isolating everything after a while! biggrin

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Posted:butterfly, and especially the forgotton time, splitime.

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Posted:More along the line of flowers-
heres a great video for learning them/compound circles, and it'll fill your desire for a lesson plan pretty well too, I think. It did for me at least!

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Posted:I would say that you've learned most of the basic moves (except for flowers--get on that!). Now your problem lies in doing moves.

Thinking about Poi spinning as doing moves limits you to those moves. Put on some music and dance with the Poi. When you can forget about the moves and just spin what feels right, you gain a fluidity that no ammount of straight practicing moves will get you.

Continuous transitions are the key. Don't think about what you're transitioning to or from. Just flow with it. Don't do a transition; allow the transition to carry you.

Some ideas:
Try turning everything. Figure out how to turn in reels, windmills, waves (WAIT! LEARN WAVES!!!), and any other thing that comes to your head. If you find yourself spinning the same pattern for more than five seconds, turn it, no matter how preposterous the turn may seem.

In general, though, just break patterns. You can start easy if you like--throw buzsaws into weaves, pull hands apart on the sides and spin like that for a while, or spin a different plane with each hand, thinking only about not tangling them (or controling the tangles).

If you just rock out to some music and ignore everything else, you'll think of stuff.

To more specifically answer your question, try some throws, waves, reels, straightjackets, butterfly weaves (which is less of a skill than a controlled faking of a skill), stalls, constant wrapping on random body parts, under-the-leg stuff, isolating various patterns, atoms, longarms, swinging the Poi at different speeds, and RANDOMLY CHANGING THE LENGTHS OF THE Poi BY WRAPPING THEM AROUND YOUR HANDS.


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Posted:we have soooooo many flowers in our house atm. they're nice, you should learn them!

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