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Posted:Is there anything on your lifetime to-do list that you really want to do before you die, that 100 dollars (approx. USD 75, GBP 45) would buy? If yes, are there any good excuses for not having done it already- $100 isn't a lot of money in the big picture.

Not stuff like "I want to buy $100 worth of green beans, break into my bosses house when he's on holiday and plant them in his carpet so that he'll have a luscious sprout rug when he returns.."

Somewhat down to earth, achievable stuff that you've always wanted to do, but just have been procrastinating for some reason- e.g. bungee, buy a leaf blower, have a roasted pig on a spit, go to that classy hotel in the city for high tea, plant a tree outside your window, build a birdhouse, have lunch on that riverboat you always see on the river etc..

I've always wanted to go see Madama Butterfly at the opera. $95. Haven't yet because it's come these parts yet (there is some kind of performing arts infrastructure here, so I'm crossing my fingers). Else one day I'll travel somewhere just to see it.

Haven't been to the opera before either. Have listened to a few arias here and there, but haven't ever been a diehard fan of the genre. Just thought if there was one opera to see, it should be a Puccini.

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What's on your list? smile

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Posted:Probably been mentioned already but around my parts $100 buys a yearlong pass to AJ Hackett bungy. I'd love to get one of those. :]



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Posted:Hmmm. A hunnerd bucks. I reckon I'd get someone to follow me in their car down some of my favorite luge roads for a day smile

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Posted:Take 5 weeks off of work and ride my beautiful bike. Pack it up with a tent and see how far I can get... and then get a bus home biggrin
I am actually doing a two week trip between Cairns and Townsville in the New Year... it will be good practice! Stocking up on light camping gear at the mo... so the next trip I do will be under $100 'cause I will already have the gear!

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