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FyreBRONZE Member
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I guess you already figured out the point of this thread, but for those who are a bit.... slow, here is THE rule:

Name the saddest moment you`ve seen in a movie.

I`d had to say it`s when Tom Hanks (in Cast away) loses Mr. Wilson in the middle of a sea (Mr. Wilson is the volleyball)


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=Flashpoint=SILVER Member
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thats a good point Val, I'm surprised no-one mentioned it earlier... And also for a speilberg, empire of the sun... Cried like a baby!


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what about the grave of the fireflies...? I cried for 2 hours no stop after that one....

I had to beat him to death with his own shoes... but that's another story all together.

LoewanBRONZE Member
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Originally Posted By: Mint SauceIf you want to cry at a film try Grave of the Fireflies

Yeah, that was one hallowing film. Even my mother was caught up with that even though she hates the Japanese (because of what they did in WW2).

Phantom Menace was a pretty sad movie. George Lucas completely ruining the whole classic. Nothing can be sadder than that!

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=Flashpoint=SILVER Member
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New one - Bridge to Terabithia.

Not going to say what happens, but when it does, you'll weep until you dehydrate. I did.

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Mother_Natures_SonSILVER Member
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Love Story.

Something the father says to his son in law... I cry right there every time... I won't spoil the film, its really too good to ruin like that.

I loved Grave of the Fireflies... I didn't cry, my girlfriend did for some time after, I had worked out pretty early on what was going to happen so I had lots of time to come to terms with it.


Mr MajestikSILVER Member
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Grave of the Fireflys was sad, but that deep hollowness sad not crying sad.

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Mother_Natures_SonSILVER Member
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Yeah, for me it was a "humph...." sort of like a hollowness. Can't explain the feeling.

But a lot of people I know have just cried afterward, females mostly, not to cast any gender stereotypes there.


fanged_angelBRONZE Member
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the bit on crash when the little girl goes to give her dad the cape back, if youve seen the movie then you will know what im talking about, if you havnt seen it then shame on you

AurinkoBRONZE Member
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"closer", in the end when Alice shows her passport that says Jane Jones

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SethisBRONZE Member
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Originally Posted By: ArthurBrown
Or the Raymond Briggs animation The Snowman?

Oh God. Every Christmas me, my Sister and my Mother watch that. Every Christmas they cry. (I used to, I don't so much now)

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bodhisattvaSILVER Member
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The Last Samurai . The final charge has me weeping every time cry

The Crow makes me cry aswell

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VixenSILVER Member
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thegramreaperGOLD Member
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Star Wars Episode 3 was the last movie I saw in theaters that actually made me cry. The five-minute long montage of Jedi getting gunned down all over the galaxy was just too much for me. I <3 Jedi.

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Zephyre PhoenixFamiliar stranger giving out popcorn. (formerly Ascilith)
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Click (with adam sandler) when he dies in the end as an old man on the street, trying to save the life that he lost

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Kerosene_FalconSILVER Member
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Disney films must be run on the tears of children (and me)
This could be a big list

In Dumbo when he visits his Mum when she's locked up in the caravan and she puts her trunk out through the bars and rocks him frown

The Fox and The Hound when Todd is taken out into the woods and set free and she says that heartbreaking poem to him

Neuvo Cinema Paradiso (original version)
Black Beauty, Donnie Darko, Marley and Me, The Man From Snowy River 2 (when his pony is killed), Prancer
basically any film where a pony or horse dies

Of course my horse is clumsy he has two left feet


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