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Posted:if your feeling lo or just want to rant about something then feel free

lastnight (saturday1st).........i broke down.......i mean, i cryed!!!!

i dunno why i'm posting this.......but i pysicly broke down in tears,

alot of things got on top of me lastnight, and as i called a friend to say i was not in a good situation and asked if i could come round because i had nowhere to go i just started crying uncontrolably....... i'm still pretty weepy now but my friend took me in....gave me coffee and listened to me, which if she reads this i'm very gratefull for.

awwwwwwww hell, i'm crying agian

ubbcrying ubbcrying ubbcrying

im gonna sign off now and get in my bed n cry

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Posted:Yeah, that would be america for you... I'm on a low income plan, because my current part-time job doesn't pay very much. However, if I get another job, I earn more... and thus am likely kicked off of it. Its a special one thru the county I live in as well, so I can't move. But like I said, I'm thinking that by the end of this month everything should be well sorted smile

Well... almost everything. But as much as I can manage.

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