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Posted:Good morning everyone,

A friend of mine goes down there this week for 3 month and it would be great if someone would know some places to meet the right people and have a more intimate experiance of the country smile
Any hint tip recommendation or suggestion would be great

thx a lot in advance

Greetings from Hollywood


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Posted:I gotta recommend Montezuma. It's on the southern tip of the Nicoya peninsula on the Pacific side. There are the most amazing waterfalls there with cliff jumping and a rope swing. Careful though, make sure you know where to jump because it can get dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.

The town's pretty small, but picturesque. If you walk down the beach towrds the el chorro waterfalls, you'll often end up being the only one in sight. It's a national wildlife refuge, so there are no roads. Therefore, not much traffic. There's a great surf break there at Playa Grande and hardly anyone is ever there (i.e. no fighting for waves). You can burn on the beach at night or even in some of the bars.

Check out my friend's website: or for more to do in that area.

PS-I'm also in Hollywood, but moving in May to Montezuma. That's how much I like it there. I'm starting a Poi, surfing, spanish and yoga school:


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Posted:just got back from costa rica . went to the waterfalls and candy flipped. [censored] amazing. surfed in santa tersa. lit up all along that beach......mountainhealer


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