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Posted:Ok so I just read an artical on mnsbc that stated some scientists think that we can "remake" Mars. Now they ae saying we can use the green house affect that is killing our planet to revive Mars...........I don't want to get into weather the method is wrong or right (but I'm sure someone will wink ) My question is do you think it is right to try and make Mars livable? I know some say it was once a living planet and so on. Personaly I'm still up in the air about yes or no and a supporting statement please.........

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Posted:Hmmmm, so I wonder if we could use that technology here. Plenty of people have septic tanks!
Let me know if you can remember where you came across the info!


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Co2 gasses, lack of water out of the poles, possibility that the atmosphere can't sustain oxygen...

No, we need to get our planet together first before we muck around on another one. Besides, if there's no money to be made on Mars, nobody will fund our going there in the first place. Humans are predictable, and profit driven.


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