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steve db
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steve db

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Posted:having rewatched my col5 entry i no longer feel it to be a truly accurate
representation of my skills, or indeed the direction that my spinning is
currently taking frown. to rectify this i have made a video of a weekend that i
spent spinning with the lovely people in guildford smile.

it also serves as a personal message to ben-ja-men who is sadly no longer
with us ubbcrying. the camera-work was done by paraffin fairy (i know, i know,
but it was short notice and she was the only person i could get ubbrollsmile).

it is being hosted by the wonderful people at:
register, then click on "downloads" followed by "members' videos".

it is titled:
"(another) tribute to ben - the 2bags experience"

all criticisms welcomed and indeed encouraged. beerchug

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Posted:ubblol such a tit, but we love you for it. kiss



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