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Posted:i've entered the family several months ago to participate in moscow's 2012 olympic bid campaign. but the more i'm into the olympic movement in russia, the more i get disappointed about it.

there can be very many words said about the bright idea of the olympic games, the ideals of humanism that it is powered with, and the olympic movement as a movement, celebrating all the things that we have is common, the things that unite us.

to the people in charge of the moscow 2012 olympic bid, the games are just a way to earn money. i'm not even taking in attention that most of the people in the governing structures are thieves. and the same people are the olympic officials in my country.

they treat the brightest ideas and ideals that p. de coubertin put in the olympic movement only to fill their own pockets with packs of cash, while they're telling the masses that "they're putting shoes on the feet of poor african athletes".

from the points i've seen the olympic's insides to me it all becomes a huge fake, when olympic movement could have been the most wonderful thing ever created by human.

is it?

mostly i would like to hear from people from australia, 'cause everyone who is working for the olympic movement considered sydney2000 the best games ever.

thank you all for the feedback. this topic is very important to me, because here, in the vodka-coutry in the face of olympics i've saw the things olympics never should be. confused

i'm very confused

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Posted:i did an argument on the olympics last year, from memory the topic was "the olympics is all about winning". it's only short but i could e-mail it to you if you like.

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Posted:funny thing is, I think the last several olympics (and certainly the 2004 athens olympics) were actually huge money losers.

If people are only looking at the olympics as a way to get rich, then perhaps that is appropriate.

I too am disillusioned with the olympics - at least the summer games. too much doping, children without childhoods, etc. Get real people. I used to love the olympics, but now can't hardly be bothered to watch them much.


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Posted:yeh, i think the olympics are getting a bit over commercial, hence they run at al loss cause they overkill and nobodies interested

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