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Calling all firetwirlers drummers and dancers, or anyone wanting to learn the above.We are starting up a weekly gathering in Fitzroy area to share above skills with thoughts to starting up a troup to perform in Melbourne area in 2002. Beginners welcome as we can teach you!Expressions of interest most welcome. Happy New Year!

ubblove **edit August 2004** ubblove

Hello and welcome to any new fire friends visiting this thread! To save you reading through 30 pages of sturf, our weekly gathering is;

ubbloco Wednesday; Gathering at Edinborough Gardens, St Georges Rd, Nth Fitzroy, about 8pm onwards.

There is also a Sunday gathering at St Kilda. Check :St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia, posted by Footbag, for details.

All welcome!- beginners, experienced, spectators, drummers, and anyone else keen to check it out, come say hello! We don't bite but we do burn... wink


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I might come down after Tai Chi this evening if the weather's good smile



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Awesome Brenn, I might see you there then smile

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hey guys, just a quick heads up that there will be a fire and drumming jam at edinburgh gardens this very night.

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I haven't been to the edinborough gardens spin in years. Dropped by last night between 8-9 and couldn't find anyone. Are they still running?

Where's everyone spinning in melbourne at the moment?

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