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Best handles!

Reviewer: Adrian Chung from Australia
These handles are so much better than nylon and leather.
1) As opposed to leather, they don't grind through your fingers when using a chain set
2) As opposed to nylon, they actually feel comfortable
If you want a chain set, get these handles!

Crystal Case

Reviewer: Spectro from Germany
These are just awesome! If you have some flowlights or plan to order some, get these too. The color is much more evenly spread around the Flowlight and it's also protecting the Flowlight and your body when you hit yourself. The button on the Flowlight with Crystal Case put on can be pressed easily. Just get them!!

Big, bright, and impressive.

Reviewer: Renfried from United States
If you're looking for big flames and don't want the extreme fire of the death stars, these are the fire head for you. Big bright flames that are not too over the top and not as heavy as the 3.5 monkey fists. Superb quality. Been using these regularly for some time now and aside from the black soot they are still as good as new.
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