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Service and support

Reviewer: Matthew Worth from United Kingdom
Home of poi has been my one stop shopping experience for Poi twirling. I have only just started and already am advancing very quickly thanks to this company.
The communication exceeds all expectations from any online retailer and value is outstanding. Delivery and condition upon arrival considering overseas is extremely impressive.
5 Star Service and Support!

Christmas shopping

Reviewer: Eleanor Gee from Australia
Thank you! Despite ordering late for christmas my order arrived (in Australia) 3 days after I ordered! My little sister loved her christmas present, and once again I am a very happy customer. I know you all worked very hard around christmas to ensure prompt delivery, so thank you all and best wishes for the new year.

Snappy Service

Reviewer: Cassandra Pie from Australia
Wow what fast service!! I was expecting to wait
for a least a week for my order, and I was
thrilled when I found them on my desk just two
days later- I have already placed my next order!
Thanks so much Home of Poi
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