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Reviewer: John E. Muzzy Jr from United States
The service that i have recieved has been beyond what i had expected. Speedy and the quality is and dedication that your staff seem to have is quite admirable. I sincerly thank all that have put work into the site and its products! Home of poi is the only recomendation that i will make in the future. I cannot thank you enough for what you guys are doing:)


Reviewer: Miss Mara from United States
Very happy with my order from HOI!!! Everything arrived within less than a week (I'm in the US, the company is based out of NZ). The quality of their products is exceptional.

Always quick and efficient

Reviewer: Pete from United Kingdom
HoP is the place to go for fire spinning equipment, they are always on time, and fast to arrange the order, often much better than "mainstream" internet suppliers... Get stuffed Amazon, here comes HoP!
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