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Best shopping experience

Reviewer: Emma from Australia
i ordered my poi just over a week before christmas, not sure if it would get here in time as it was a gift. realising i made a mistake on the order i sent a msg through and the next morning 2 emails had been sent 'your order has been modified' and 'your poi are on tehir way'. i knew theyd be quick cuz ive bought here before, but they arrived within 5 days, well before i needed them :D.
good work, ill be back.


Reviewer: Esther Wakely from United Kingdom
On the same day I ordered something from home of poi and
another juggling online trader which was based in England (where I
live) and Home of poi acctually dilivered first! They always keep to
there word and I've never had the wrong item delivered, which is
more than I can say for other companys.

Amazing and fast

Reviewer: Cameron Archer from United States
I ordered my poi two days after Christmas Day here in the U.S. and I received them exactly 7 business days later. I am amazed that even during the busiest package and orders time of the year, I still received them on the very first day of the "7-9" mailing days as promised. Thank you guys so much for a job well done. I am so excited to get back to doing my poi. I will most definitely be back for more!
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