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Great quality, prompt response, beautiful colours

Reviewer: Leah Zaki from Australia
I purchased one blue and one green, both arrived
in perfect condition and quality. I was surprised
by the depth of the colours of these balls! PLEASE
Really great to learn with, even my 15 year old
brother who doesn't really like anything wanted to
have a play (after making snide comments about me
being childish, he eventually gave in and asked me
to show him how).
Thanks HOP, I'll be back (Austrian accent)

Immense poi!

Reviewer: Sam Minchin from United Kingdom
I posted a pic of these poi next to my fist (they're about 1.5 times the size) on Facebook, and my staff spinning friend commented "ZOMGWTFBBQ!!", which just about sums up the effect of these beauties. They are VERY heavy, but this suits my spinning style (slow, controlled with lots of flowers). They have an 11 minute burn time (!!?!!), and I was fairly exhausted after 6 or 7, but with timeI'm sure they'll contribute immensely to my somwhat feeble upper body strength! Highly recommended, but again, NOT for beginners!

Best staff ever

Reviewer: Graham Burt from United States
I've been spinning staffs around as a hobby since I was a wee lad, of all the staves I've practiced with, NONE can compare to this one. The weight and balance is perfect and the staff practically completes its rotations for you. I would vouch for this staff for anybody interested in taking up fire-spinning or just regular staff-spinning in general.
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