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Worth every penny

Reviewer: Justin Ferreira from USA
Wowowow.....absolutely the best led poi I have had my hands on....the lights are bright as the sun....the battery life is really good.and they have took some solid hits and keep on ticking....the rubber o rings have saved me from tons of bruises. ..keep it up h.o.p. !!


Reviewer: Lenny from USA
this was my first set of poi and I am so happy to say that the quality and craftsmanship Home of Poi employs is second to none. I've been approached by dozens of people at events asking where I got them. The LEDs are very bright and the settings are incredible, especially at this price point. The body is also very strong and sturdy. I've used these at three events so far (EDC, HARD and Vegas), and I can say they've held up well (although I don't abuse them...). Fantastic product and fantastic customer support.

I love my new levistick!

Reviewer: Melissa Miles from Australia
Wow you ship fast! So pleased with my new levistick. I'm used to a short string and swivel but have had a lot of fun finding my flow with this long string. Good sized wand and nicely balanced. Very recommended.
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