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Reviewer: Gonzo from Australia
I Would like to start by saying that these wick protectors are the most fluffy fire head covers to have ever walked the planet or drank wine with the pope. Where regular old socks might suffice as covers they nare not nearly so fluffy as these.
Did i mention that these are fluffy?
but on a serious note. These are pretty damn cool

Solid Built

Reviewer: Sasha Beaumier-leblanc from Canada
These are the best fire snakes I have had the chance to try. Built to last and has great value, well worth every penny!

Fast, and wonderous

Reviewer: Patrick Kelley from United States
I sent an e-mail the day I put in my order that I wanted these shipped that day if possible. within an hour I got my shipping verification, and they told me 9-15 days... a little bit saddened I resigned myself to the alotted time. To my surprise 7 days later it came to my door. They are wonderful, great weight, safe construction. That night I lit them up, and the fire marshal showed up, took a look at them and said "these are very well constructed, have fun" off he went, a smile on his face.
Patrick - Seattle, WA
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