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Less than a week baby!

Reviewer: Christopher Mckenna from Australia
I may have ordered a small ammount this time BUT! The service was timely (6 days).
The package was well packed (dense cardboard + bubble wrap)
The price was good (my entire purchase cost about $11 including delivery and shipping)
And the followup e-mail was great.
Definitly worth the 5 stars.

Service outstanding!!

Reviewer: Noah Henry from Australia
the friendlyness, promptness and all around happiness that radiated from a crew who obviously care about what they do, is what makes this business so great. That is the thing that they will never be beaten at.
plus there is quality products;
low prices;
great range;
(need I go on?)

Beginner's fun

Reviewer: Jennifer Teel from United States
I recently decided to try a new hobby, and I've always wanted to learn poi. I found this site on a google search and decided to go with it. After shopping around on the other sites, this one was the most cost efficient and seemed reliable. I wasn't disappointed. Within 2 weeks of sending my order, I recieved my practice poi with a very easy to follow instructional dvd. I'm having lots of fun with this new experience, and I'm extremely happy with this site and it's products.
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