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Amazing Patterns in the Air!

Reviewer: Angelo Garcia from United States
What a wonderful product! The Ninja LED Poi are
really great for shows and they will surely dazzle
your audience. 64 modes to choose from, each with
different color combinations will never become
boring. The different patterns that these LED poi
have will give you hours upon hours of flowing fun.
Don't hesitate to get yours! Order them now and see
what it's like to spin like a ninja!

A great splurge item

Reviewer: Svents from Canada
I picked up the orb on a whim while purchasing some
other products and I am incredibly glad I did. Of
everything I picked up it might be my favourite of
the lot. Though the design is simple it can manage a
wide variety of tricks. I initially underestimated
how versatile it would be and now can't wait to
practice with it more to figure out new things.

The Power of Lotus

Reviewer: Artemisia from Italy
I found this fans awesome. Their design is
particular and fascinating, the flames are strong
and..surprise! They're really light weighted :) I
imagined them thicker and heavier, and instead I
found really easy doing tricks with fingers,
throwing them and so on... Wonderful :)
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