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What can I say???!!!!

Reviewer: Chris Lamprecht from United Kingdom
Here's biggin up HOME OF POI!
Congrats on an awesome site/shop/community place on the web!
I haven't had any problems with Home of Poi what so ever! On with their DHL counterpart in the UK which isn't even worth compaing about here thats between me and DHL!!! Speedy service / reliable service / qaulity products so far / easy to navigate site / good advice-communication / great deals / cool online community / forums are so very helpful! where do I stop? If you like poi then you will like Home of Poi, duh!

Strong Fire Thread

Reviewer: Stuart Waters (gelfling) from United States
This thread is awesome and so strong that I may use it for my stitching needs. Some people have told me that they did not find this thread durable enough but in my opinion that was due to the stitching they used. For the toys Iâ??ve made using this thread I use a close blanket stitch followed by a back stitch just below the blanket stitch. Although this method may sound like an overkill it will ensure that the seams are strong enough for the any toy, further more, by sowing the toy inside out the seams are hidden to protect the Kevlar and seams therefore increasing the durability of both the seam and the material being sown together.

Very Helpful!!

Reviewer: Jerry D from United States
This is a GREAT book for beginners such as myself. Moves are explained clearly and the illustrations are helpful. In addition to specific moves, there is also lots of general information to help develop and improve your spinning style. Thanks Michal!!!!
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