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Light and bright poi fire me up

Reviewer: Fenix from United States
I joined rosie's poi class this summer, and we all got great poi made from ties with beans in the end .. (thanks, christine for all your work!) unfortunately, they were just too heavy for me, and I was getting blisters on my fingers. I ordered your poi after my friend sent me the link for them, and received them in the mail in exactly one week. these poi are so freeing! I'm having so much fun! my poi are light and bright like my spirit ... thank you!

5 star service

Reviewer: Eamo from Ireland
What a great service from the people from hop, it took exactly 1 week for my goods to arrive in ireland and i have to say the the goods were top quality. ive ordered from other sites and they have nothing on hop from quality to service. And to all the staff at hop keep up the good work and ya'll make alot of people HAPPY!!

A Step-Up From Beginner Poi

Reviewer: Delin from United States
These are definitely heavier balls compared to beginner comet poi sets. They're resilient too! I've banged my two glow balls into a bunch of things, and they hardly show a scratch. I'm very pleased with this product, along with its impressive and fun color fades. Thank you so much!
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