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Ball Chain and Leather

Reviewer: Len from United States
I guess I'm a leather and chain kind of guy. I like this chain the best out of all the stuff I have. I've been through wire, now kinked beyond use and tossed. I've used twisted link, I like it, but not as much as the ball chain. Twisted link needs swivels which the ball chain doesn't.
The leather handles have worn smooth on the inside and feel wonderful, no slippage or abrasion. High quality, I got what I paid for, extremely happy.
Thank you Home of Poi.

Amazing quality

Reviewer: Henry Oz from United Kingdom
The pictures do not do these things justice! The rope is of excellent quality (really vivd colours as well) and the knots are perfectly tied and HUGE.
These are wonderful practice meteors and a great way to get into this variation of spinning.

Great way to learn

Reviewer: Bethany Bethany from United States
I have been spinning (staff) for years and always wanted to learn
the art of poi, but was always to scared to be hurt. I finally
decided to get the fluffy poi to learn on, and it was a great
decision. The video was so much help with great instructions, I
picked it up rather quickly. Although, I am still not ready quite
yet to actually burn my other poi, I am well on my way at least.
Great product, Highly recommend.
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