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Multi-Colour LED poi

Reviewer: Madison Mcivor from Australia
Fantastic Service as always!!
Chris from Cust. service answered all questions & everything came in perfect condition and before the expected date!!
Being an impatient person =) I only had to wait long enough to get exicted.
Very pretty, I always make people turn the lights off after dinner so I can bust them out!
Light, don't hurt at all & altogether work the buck =D

These rock!

Reviewer: Rachel Schroeder from Canada
These are my second set of fire fans and I love them. They're awesome. they're great for speed spinning, and big enough that they're great for slower movements.

Simply Amazing

Reviewer: Mark Lammardo from United States
This is by far the best set of fire poi i have ever come across. The
weight is perfect, especially for doing isolations and compound
circles. The brightness and size of the flames that the monkey
fist balls produce is absolutely amazing. Even when I'm not
performing i still find myself using this poi without flame during
the day, they just feel so perfect! Never have i seen such rugged
construction, I can finally do tangles and hyper loops without
having to worry about the chains breaking or the wicks flying off
the end. The leather straps are surprisingly comfortable to spin
with, yet they're extremely durable. I've used many different
types of fire poi in the past and these are most certainly the best
i've ever used. Worth every penny!
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