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Absolutely amazing!

Reviewer: Ksea Flux from United States
Incredible construction for this breakdown staff! After spinning with a friends beakdown from a different company and feeling how unstable it was, it was such an incredible pleasure to recieve this in the mail a few days later (a little after a week after I ordered it!) and feel how incredibly solid it feels. The balance is fantastic, and it's an absolute pleasure to spin with - THANKS, HOP!!!

Continuing a Great Track Record.

Reviewer: Anthony Van Der Vliet from Australia
On joining this site, and before ordering, I read a number of the reviews, so as to have 'Peace of Mind' with my purchase. I happened to order another item on the same day, from a company within Australia, and it took more then a week. Your service is excellent, with the Pois arriving within 4 days.
Excellent Product.
Excellent Web Site, with
Excellent Information.
Excellent Service.
11/10 from me.
Wish you all the best with your business.

Rainbow LED Glow Ball review

Reviewer: Kathy In Tucson, Az from United States
My hubby and I ordered just one pair of these with our first order, and we knew within minutes of opening the box that we quickly had to get a set of these for all 3 of us (we spin with our teenager), plus a few extra for gifts. We pair these with the simple nylon cords sold on here, which works very well. These glow balls have a great weight and feel to them when spinning, and are a fantastic way to transition from your first learning set to fire poi. We compared the weight and size of these to the monkey fist poi that the performing group we are learning from use, and the weight and size are very close to what we'll be spinning fire with.
Plus, these little babies just rock! The glow is very soft, and the transition between colors is subtle, but at night looks really great when spinning. Turn 'em on at night and have a blast!
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