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This product is gorgeous!!!!

Reviewer: Cyndi from Australia
I ordered these Tui poi for my 2 1/2 year old because she tries to steal my poi and also swings around 2 dummies on a string in an inwards butterfly!!! Very funny....
These are really cute poi, I am practicing with them myself. I also received COL5 - I am so inspired, and Art of Staff/Sage DVD. Love them all. Very happy. And yes, it's true, delivery is LIGHTNING FAST!

Delivery of Poi

Reviewer: Cheryl Whittaker from United Kingdom
I am very pleased with the service and support because:
1) the poi arrived VERY swiftly from the other side of the world
2) the email contact with Home of Poi was clear and concise
3) Home of Poi followed up the delivery with an email to check that I was happy with the product
4) the website is extensive and helped me learn poi very easily due to the clear instructions
-Thank you. I will be shopping again in the future.

Pink poi/video set

Reviewer: Derek Massie from United States
i got the pink fuzzy poi and video set. they are great. the video really helps. in the three days that ive had it ive learned almost all of the first part of the "Art of Poi". the poi is a good weight for spinning and are soft where you can take a hit and keep going but being a guy it will still take you to your knees if they get you right(if you get where im coming from). I highly recommend these to anyone starting out. i really enjoy them and look forward to hours of play with them.
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