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Like a dream!!!

Reviewer: Matthew Pagliaro from United States
I can't believe I waited so long to switch over to these... there absolutely wonderful. The spherical shape gives more surface area, i.e. more flames!!! And if you love wraps like I do, they're perfect. Substantially less hardware to get tangled or burnt by, and due to the nature of the shape, you can almost hold them in your hands (at the top by the hardware of course:)) Great product!!!

Foxy socks

Reviewer: Theo from United Kingdom
These things are totally great. i find that alot of the more technical moves work better with these which i couldn't do with any of my other poi. isolations and airwraps are great with these and they look ace! buy them!

Almost ESSENTIAL for anyone who dreams of becoming great!!

Reviewer: Andrew Clarke from Japan
A great video, that goes way past the basic video tutorials for various moves on the interent. He takes a different (and advisable) approach to poi. He show how you can gain total control and total freedom to move with poi (and how to keep in time to music)! He is a true inspiration, and seems a very nice and modest guy as well! This will not teach you how to 3 beat or even 5/7 beat, but will teach you excellant drills to practice that will lead to you doing a variety of flowers etc and lead to you inventing new moves! I've watched it 6 times already!
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