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Monkey Fist

Reviewer: Philippe Blanchet from Canada
Incredible Pair of Fire Poi ! I have received them yesterday ! I have spin alot with them ! I learn many move that i was unable to do before, Like the anti spin flower that is more easy with heavy poi like these .. Even if they are heavy the weight is perfect. Amazing feeling to spin with. I didn't try with fire yet I am Impatient! The Monkey fist knot is really hard due to the core inside, really good made .. may easily hurt while spinning if you ride too fast. ! A +++++ This Item is a Must For You - Pro Spinner Only -

Ausome strong cord

Reviewer: Michael Hubr from Canada
the nylon cord suprised me with its strength and durability, It changes length easily and it easy transport. i havent had it tangle yet where i have to work at geting them apart, instead i just un twirl them.
they hold my beaming balls like they weigh nothing and they are really easy to use.
and yet its inexpensive.
I am very pleased!

For beginner or Pro

Reviewer: Alex Learoyd from United Kingdom
This dvd shows theory aspects about things such as direction and other ways to move your hands instead of focussing on individual moves. This means you can built moves from the steps shown. Already I have started doing better isolations and stalls and ive only been at poi for 2 weeks
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