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Reviewer: Richard Maesar from 100
Just wanted to say how utterly amazing these poi are..but they are even more spectacular due to your outstanding service HOP. You have yet to disappoint me, it's always FAST service, reasonable prices, and you leave me with a reason to return to your shop. You truly know how to run a business. So congrats on being one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) places on the Internet to buy poi and other flow toys. Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated :) happy spinning!!
-Rick M

Great Work

Reviewer: Dmitriy from 87
Fast response on packaging there. Well done guys. Packed and sent on the way within 2hrs.
What I read in the description and ordered, that's what i got.
As for the poi itself; comfortable to hold, reliable chain which handles lots strain, lightweight for awesomely fast spinners, wick and all couldn't be done better.

Jeff from Connecticut

Reviewer: Jeffrey Busch from 100
It arrived quicker than we imagined. It was the perfect gift for our ten year old son. He spent hours and hours with it, and got very good very quickly. I am 50 - and am a little slower at learning. which caused him great amusement. It has the right combination of being safe, being exciting, and has a great payoff in being able to learn tricks/skills almost right away. We watched the DVD only once -- but the DVD was pretty useful. We recommend this POI package highly.
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