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Wicked fast...'nuff said!

Reviewer: A Noo Yawk Newbie Chick from United States

When I place an order on a Thursday night, and I receive it on the other side of the planet the following Tuesday morning, what can I say?
[Actually, what I can say is in my review of the poi flags!]
I'd give you guys six stars, if you'd let me.

These are it!

Reviewer: Howard Chen from United States
Unfortunately, in the world we live in, there are times that you can't use fire in your performances. For those times, this is probably the most impressive glow staff that you can buy. What HOP doesn't explicitly state on the info for the staff (but you can see from the picture) is that the entire thing, end to end, lights up. When you spin it, you don't get circles of LED light, you get a full DISC of light. Not only that, like all Concentrate staves, it's quite durable and flexible, and the electronics are well protected. Don't fear dropping it, it'll just bounce back, WITHOUT the lights turning themselves off (in the middle of your performance!). The grip is fabulous as well - excellent for contact moves and for throws. This staff isn't cheap, but at this point, compared to other glow staves out there, it's my only choice for glow staff performances.

Wicked sweet fans

Reviewer: Todd W from United States
When I got the fans I was pretty impressed. They were really well constructed with clean welds. Burns absolutely amazing! These fans are a solid wall of flame when lit! The other people in the fire troupe could only say, "Those are beautiful!".
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