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The Scales of Poi Strikes Great Chord

Reviewer: David Butler from United States
this DVD was exactly what I was looking for. I am in seemingly Poi-less world in Buffalo, NY and this dvd , sparked new life into my interest and my learning. I was feeling a little hung up,maybe even bored- even frustrated and stuck in some areas. The explanation is so well done and the handsome host so charming, talented and inspired you can't help but want to do the work to advance. As a performance artist, poet, and actor this video encourages me to practice the pertinent excersizes,and learn all the new tricks. THANKS! I wish the same group would do a basic beginner DVD. I am having a little trouble putting the poi down....

Fabulous Beginner Poi

Reviewer: Umh from United States
I've been interested in Poi for some time and really researched and scoped out the best and cheapest places to get a set of beginner poi. I'd also heard great things about the DVD "Art of Poi" so I was thrilled to see this set, which offered a great set of Poi AND the DVD at a fabulous price. I'm so glad I purchased it!! I love my new Poi so much I don't even mind when I hit myself in the head. It's fun, entertaining (even cats like to watch), thrilling and the video is a great video which teaches the fundamental movements. Thanks Home of Poi!

Simply awesome.

Reviewer: Devin Mccullough from United States
I started off using two socks with golf balls as my practice poi. Yeah, that hurt. Don't do that. So when my Ultra poi came in the mail, I was ecstatic! (As were several bruised parts of my body...) The poi are of simple construction, yet well made and are so much fun to use! The carry pouch lets me take them every where and whip them out when I get bored. The tails are much brighter than what the pictures depict and I'm always getting compliments on how cool they look. The only downside is that the tails can get tangled easily as do the poi themselves. I probably just need more practice, but with these poi, I'm looking forward to every minute of it!!
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