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Speedy service

Reviewer: Jamie K from Australia
A few weeks ago i ordered a poi spinning book at the last minute to take with me on a camp but realised after ordering that i had done it too late. The day before i was due to leave the books came in the post and gave me something to work on for the weekend, it must have only taken 4 or so days to arrive! stoked!

Let there be circles of light - even in a RAIN-forest

Reviewer: Daina Teasdale from Australia
I am working/residing in the Daintree Rainforest, where open fire is
banned - but not these fantastic glow balls! They give off a great
tail effect and are mesmerising to play with! Once again - HOP have
outdone themselves with delivery - even way out here in the sticks
- litterally! THANKYOU

Ball Chain Fluffy Poi

Reviewer: Lizzie D. from United States
These arrived at my house within a week of ordering them. The fluffy balls don't hurt when they hit you and have been great for my first spinning. I have some books on poi spinning, but nothing is quite the same as being able to see someone do the moves right in front of you. The DVD that comes with this set has been really good because it shows you the basics, replete with hand positions and all the essential advice on spinning a real life teacher would be able to give. An awesome choice for learning.
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