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Reviewer: Maria from USA
I just received these in the mail, and they shipped within the same dates as promised! got them a week earlier! They look exactly as pictured, packaged nicely with a few extra treats. i got these not knowing much about poi, for my boyfriend. He buys from TrickConcepts here in USA but is always having problems with them. So i thought i'd order from here and i am so happy i did!

Love them!

Reviewer: Carrie from USA
I really love these iso 8 rings. They look exactly as pictured. They shipped same day and arrived even before I thought they would. I can't wait to learn how to use them!


Reviewer: Brett Hoffay from USA
Hey fellow pyros. I ordered a set of nunchaku on January 9th and live in New York and received my order on January 22. Arrived in perfect condition. And then burned them shortly after there arrival. Nice size wick and flame with about a solid 3 minute burn time. I am really happy with my decision to order these from HOP. Excellent product. I may actually be ordering a second pair soon. :)
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