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Reviewer: Cynthia O'gara from United States
I am a 4th time customer here are HOP. Let me say, this is the ONLY PLACE I will buy my poi or my friend's poi. Wonderful friendly service, Quick delivery, OUTSTANDING product. There is no worry in my mind about placing my trust in HOP.

Am I spinning or doing a workout?

Reviewer: Polarity from United Kingdom
Very heavy, but they burn for a very long time, make a lot of noise, and have big tails of fire.
Spinning quickly to fast music just isn't possible, unless you want your arms to come off. I'm going to be adding talc to my spinning kit, as it's easy to get blisters doing several burns with these in one night.
Not recommended for anyone who's inexperienced, as they hurt a lot if you hit yourself, and due to the size of the wicks a lot more precision is required for some moves, or they can end up tangling, or bouncing off each other and flying at you.
If you've got the stamina and experience to spin these though they're very satisfying.

A well pleased newbie...

Reviewer: Fraser Ayres from United Kingdom
I recieved the items incredibly quickly which I was well pleased about.And then to top it off, the DvD itself is fantastic.Such a great overview and I have gone from fumbling around to lovely twirling in literally moments thanks to the way the DvD is presented with such clear clarity and attention to the problems that you actually face.There's no talking for the sake of talking to fill time And the instructors manner is brilliant. Friendly and at a slow enough pace for you to pick everything up.Every hint or tip smacks of "oh yes...of course!Glad he mentioned it!"
I am well happy with this DvD and the service i recieved from HOP.Thankyou.
You've made the journey of a newbie spinner all that easier and more enjoyable
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