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Reviewer: Miss Mara from United States
Very happy with my order from HOI!!! Everything arrived within less than a week (I'm in the US, the company is based out of NZ). The quality of their products is exceptional.

These fire fans ROCK!

Reviewer: Michelle Okolica from United States
I had never picked up a pair of fire fans in my life before I got these. They are wonderful! They are not nearly as heavy as I thought. I was able to do vertical and lateral spins the first day (but I didn't light them until I felt VERY comfortable). They can be a little intimidating the first time you light them because it is such a large arc of fire, but they are GORGEOUS!

Awesome Package TONS of batteris and they don't hurt!

Reviewer: Connroy from United States
The package was a no brainer! Blue silk-like bag to tote your new found addiction!
Since there were so many other knockoff poi sets out there I think this is the best bang for your buck when QUALITY counts...no joke!
I have the rainbow color fade version and they amaze the crowd instantly!
I really have to say I enjoy the fact that I can actually try crazy tricks because they don't hurt when they hit you.... and thats a big deal when your just getting started.

first picture of my new poi set in use:
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