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Reviewer: Tony (philippines) from United Kingdom
Excellent quality and very fast international delivery.
I gave these things to my girlfiend. We took them to several clubs and she made lots of new friends. Everyone wanted to know where to get them.
Very high quality, still a novice for now, but practising so much that muscles are sore.
They are painless when you have an accident, even my dog doesn't mind getting hit on the nose with them occasionally. haha.
Great product, and great value.

I love these!

Reviewer: Wee Sarah from United Kingdom
I've just started spinning and these have been perfect. They arrived in a few days to the UK, I can use them in the house without biffing too many things/people/cats and they look great outside with the tails. Plus I can shorten them for the kiddlies too... The DVD was invaluable for getting me up to scratch, can't wait now to explore all the other possibilities (COL2, what an inspiration, wow!!). Don't think this will be my last buy from HOP somehow!

Sphercular Vision DVD

Reviewer: Lazyangel from United Kingdom
I really enjoyed watching this DVD. There's a lot of fantastic spinning in it, and some really interesting work done with different props. The production values for each video a really high, and the style of vids range from simple, spinning style vids, to the use of toys and editing to create really amazing, VJ style images. The amount of difference between videos and top notch spinning means this is a DVD I will want to 'dip into' again and again.
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