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Reviewer: Machetejeff from United States
if you like Frisbee then you totally need to own one of these. who doesn't like playing Frisbee in the dark. this is the best disc I've ever bought for night time playing. do not buy glow in the dark disc, they are not the same and cannot compete.

Get these!!!!!

Reviewer: Jack Cederberg from United States
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Home of poi has done it again, as usual. These poi are fantastic... I've been spinning poi socks for the last year or so along with my fire poi, but the socks for practice. Now that I am getting into more "techy" stuff with poi, I needed to try these out. My friend has the 72mm which I loved to use, but I decided to go with the 80mm. At first I was hesitant with the 80mm, because of the size, but once I saw them I didn't care one bit. The size makes a nicer spin experience in my opinion, rather than the 72mm. They flow so well and make any practice time, turn into a room filled with doors, filled with infinite possibilities. If you're a beginner or advanced spinner I highly, highly recommend these if you want to take your routines to the next level! The only suggestion I would make, is for beginner spinners... If your a beginner spinner and thinking about getting the pendulum poi, go with the 72mm size, for easier practice. =D HAPPY SPINNING!!!!


Reviewer: Heyoh from United States
Purchased the blue foxy socks as a christmas
present, and was stoked at how....BLUE they are.
Nice and springy good for air wraps and augmented
weaves. :]
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