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Happy old poi person

Reviewer: Evelyn Condit from United States
WOW.......this amazing dvd is so user friendly. As a 50 year old I was unsure if I could "get" this. With this instructional DVD I have now learned several spins and am anxious to show it off at my family reunion. A great DVD for grown ups and kids alike. Easy to follow with unbeatable tips. It will take you gently from beginning to advanced moves. I will use it for years and reap the benifits for my whole life....And I will pass it along to my children and grandchildren.

My first HOP Staff

Reviewer: Brooke Alexander from Australia
Actually its the second, the first being a gift from a friend (thanks Sylph:). I wanted a slightly longer staff, and this one fits the bill perfectly. Wonderfully made, well-balanced and hard wearing. I can't wait to get it home and light up!
Also, extravagant praise for HOP's service - ordered Thursday and could have recieved my staff on Monday, if I'd been home when the courier called:). Thank's people, you rock!

Art of Staff for beginners (that's me:)

Reviewer: Brooke Alexander from Australia
I'd only spun a few times before viewing this excellent DVD, which has helped transformed interest into passion.
"Art of Staff" is a fine resource for someone starting out in this exciting art form. The presentation is clear, sensible and very easy to follow. It provides strong grounding in some essential skills that I can already see will form the basis of my staff practice for a long time to come. Part of the fun, for me, lies in observing how the seemingly simple movements in this DVD naturally lead on to more complicated movements as they are practiced. Highly recommended.
"Sage: Behind the Flame" is, genuinely, inspirational. Sage is a powerful and imaginative performer, and her disucussion of the spiritual side of fire spinning resonates well with my own views. Magical.
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