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Great Flags!

Reviewer: Daniel Schuette from United States
I was apprehensive at first about the flags and the weight but after using them I find the chain weight is great and flags are just right as well. I have used these in high winds and the chains still maintain a decent pull on the flags. The colors are brilliant as well! I am very satisfied with these.

Outstanding quality.

Reviewer: Benjamin Othen from United Kingdom
These chains are superbly crafted, much better than the poipoi equivilants, theyre so smooth to use and very responsive and the leather handles are soooo comfy!!! I'd highly recomend these, well worth their money.

Ecellent service

Reviewer: Daniel Artursson from Sweden
Teh service was excellent and it was quick, it took only 4 working days (order accepted on thuesday, and arrived thirsday) days before my order arriwed rom new zeeland to jonkoping sweden, (and i took the 2 week order) 5 STars!!
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