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So much fun I can't put them down

Reviewer: Darin Bray from United States
I have only had mine for about 24 hours, but during that time I have hardly put them down. So much so that my arms are getting tired. Using these in the dark brings a whole new dimension to poi practice. They are bright enough that I was able to use them to find my way around my backyard in the dark. The color transition is subtle, but very distinct. The material is soft enough to not cause serious damage when you hit yourself, but seems sturdy enough to withstand lots of collisions.
The only possible negative, and it is really more of a warning, is that the switch is kind of sensitive. When you do finally put them down you have to be careful that they are not resting on the switch as it could turn on under it's own weight. This could probably be solved by unscrewing the switch more, but I was concerned about it coming out. I simply was careful to always put them down with the switch facing up.

Excellent, Informative, Helpful!

Reviewer: Amaraom from Australia
Bought this for my daughter who is 11, and just starting to spin poi- She loves it! She can understand the moves, see them being done, and she loves the COL! Watching all those awesome poi'ers inspires her to want to be like them! Thankyou HOP for creating another generation of spinners!!

HoP has Outdone itself this time!!

Reviewer: Matthew Mokrzycki from Australia
A fantastically weighted sword, one of the most fantastic fire props I've had the pleasure of using!
The Double spaced tsuba is ingenious, Handle is beautifully made and the 'blade' is extremely well made and will last a very long time!
HoP have truly come up with a marvelous prop, highly recommended to anyone with a martial arts background or anyone who wants alot of flame from a 'different' fire toy.
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