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Love the grip!

Reviewer: Jessica(epitome) from United States
This staff is very nicely weighted with small wicks and an amazing non-slip grip. Most of the weight is in the staff itself instead of being balanced and propelled by the wick area like some others available. The leather crossed over the suede type grip makes for great throwing and keeping track of hand placement.
Awesome product that I would recommend to anyone looking for a prominent grip and for beginners as well.

Great For Learning }i{

Reviewer: Ann Smith from United States
This video was an add-on when I ordered the free fire-spinning video, and I am very glad I added it on! The instruction in the video is simple, easy to follow, and progresses well. I have picked up on the tricks with a couple of hours of practice after watching the segments (again and again!) The added footage of spinners is a real incentive to practice, as well as a beautiful art form just to sit and watch.I am learning poi, and I suggest if you are trying to teach yourself like I am, this video will help! The info on the web site is good, but it really helps to see the hand-work and have the vocal instruction. Cheap too!

Great service and support!

Reviewer: Michelle Parker from United States
QUICK shipping!
GREAT customer service, even when there are problems that
aren't really HOP's fault.
GREAT quality items.
Somehow they manage to pack loads of stuff into tiny packages!
I have access to another online shop in the US, but often order
from Home of Poi because it's actually usually cheaper to order
from HOP. I don't know how they do it because the quality of the
merchandise here is always surprisingly good with great little
homey touches.
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