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Reviewer: Kimberly Mcadams from United States
Never used these before. Super easy to use and fun, fun, fun! Home
of Poi has them cheaper than I can buy them here in the States

Best poi

Reviewer: Tom Frewer from United Kingdom
these are the best poi for advanced poi spinners and people into there tech, they open up all sorts of new doors into new patterns, i probably learnt 5+ new patterns in the first hour of using them

These stiiiiiiiix

Reviewer: Corwyne Mercy from United States
Im a professional spinner and i gotta say out of all the sticks i have played with these are by far the best for the price. a little slick when first lit.but they have amazing play. and the flower-stick style they have makes contact moves much easier.
and you can change out the wicks! ive put my sticks through hell and still use them everyday almost a year later.
very impressed. very in love. perfect for pros and beginners
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