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Support and Ordering

Reviewer: Paula Walsh from United Kingdom
As a newcomer to the art of Poi,we didn't know who to contact.A quick search of the web gave us some names, and Home of Poi was the chosen site.we ordered our products, and expected to wait weeks for the parcel to arrive.We received an e.mail almost immediaetly to cofirm our order was accepted (a nice touch), and 4 days later our parcel arrived!We wait longer for mail to get across the English mainland sometimes, and this parcel came from the other side of the World! The products (Monkey Fist Poi, DVD etc) were top class, and very reasonably priced. 6 weeks later, and our second boy decided he would like the same product. Again,same service, but this time a discount of £7GBP to make the service even better!Well done to all at Home of Poi, you deserve to do well with service and support like this! Dave&Paula Walsh,Preston,England.


Reviewer: Sarah from United States
I am extremely pleased with my corded fluffy poi. They are plenty sturdy, but not too painful (thank goodness, or I would have killed myself trying for that behind the back three beat weave), and are just the right weight- I feel that I can control them, but at the same time they are light enough to respond to small errors, forcing me to learn all the motions and angles of a new move more thoroughly. They are also overflowing with personality! I am finding spinning more fun than ever with these fantastic poi.

Realy doesnt disapoint

Reviewer: Dmx from South Africa
Spectacular flame, perfect weight and good quality. this poi is really worth it. I brought it as a present for my cousin, but im defenitely keeping it now. sorry bru. Everybody has a perfect top 5 poi cubboard in his head and this poi will defenitly have a place in mine forever. if you were thinking of buying a poi for a Christmas present then this is undoubtly the one!!!!!!!!!
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