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Another must-have poi!

Reviewer: Tide from Australia
These poi, in the hands of the experienced AND the ones climbing their way there, are unimaginably amazing.
Some moves I've had difficulty with had begun opening themselves up on this set, these are great for learning.
Some moves I've had fear doing with this set had begun being not-so-scary, these are forgiving - I'm not afraid of hitting myself with this set!
Some moves I've had are simply easier with this set, this part needs no more said.
What makes this set truly unique, though, is the weighting. It's very well weighted and the rope stays "taught" when performing a throw, making it a lot easier to perform and learn throws!
One of the best sets I've used by far.

Mini Horseshoe

Reviewer: Bryan Kent from Australia
My tiny horses dont get sore feet thanks to your tiny horseshoes. HoP wins again!

Trixy Stick!

Reviewer: Julia Quayle from New Zealand
WOW! when I ordered this I was told it was the best damn staff I will ever own.
I thought I was going to be able to give it a run for its money but after 280 shows, two years later I still haven't broken it.
I admit defeat.
and virtually indestructible!
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