267 55 LED glow

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Sooooo good!

Reviewer: Oatwoman from United States
Got the fire poi set with the pro series chains..these chains are the
so great for doing hyper loops! they just spin and spin and
spin...just what I was looking for..this is my first pair of fire poi and
I have been waiting for HoP to make these..also no pinching when
doing spiral wraps!! so nice..chains do not tangle and air wraps are
very possible the perfect fire poi in my opinion what ever that may
be hahahah worth the money fo sho!!

So wonderful

Reviewer: Joseph Boyle from United Kingdom
I bought these as a present for some one but I think I may also get my own. They feel great to spin, everything is so much easier with these and best of all, they're SO blue - much more vibrant than the picture on the site. They have tennis ball weights so they don't hurt when they hit you and, when new, they're quite stretchy. Worth every penny!

All purpose Kevlar!

Reviewer: Dwarfstar from New Zealand
This Kevlar is fantastic, I love the face that it is versatile because it is thin,
I have made fire torches, fans, staves and poi and the hulahoop is next on the list and the potential goes on because you can fold it in half for smaller sized heads or use it as a 10 inch for staff etc.
Really easy to stitch and very durable assuming you treat your wicks with respect.
Buy this wick, it is great!
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