267 55 LED glow

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Just what I expected

Reviewer: Chris Hendrickx from United States
Confirmation of my order, regular updates, it arrived before I went looking it up and tracking it down. Packing was intelligent and well done.
Overall, I'm impressed enough not to order poi anywhere else. I'm home -- with people who care about what I do, quality products, low prices, great service. Thanks Home of Poi!


Reviewer: Steven Dalamaras from Australia
WOW!! What a light show! About any kind of light type I could have imagined for a glow staff, all contained within this great-weighted, durable and diverse toy!
The same night I got it, I performed in front of >550 people with it, and let me tell you, Them (and I) were not let down. Thank you so much for this amazing staff, HoP!! WOW!!

Dependable and friendly service - worldwide!

Reviewer: Peter Woolsey from Canada
It's a pleasure dealing with "Home of Poi" because their customer service is fast, friendly and totally transparent. Although I live in Canada which is half way around the world from New Zealand, my orders always arrive within a week ... which is amazing! And importantly, they do a really good job of keeping in touch with me during the order cycle by quickly sending an email to confirm each order and by providing a web link (single click) to see the status of my order at any time. It's marvelous! Home of Poi's Web-based order desk provides clear visibility so that I always know the status of my order. Let me wrap-up by simply saying that Home of Poi's customer service is truly excellent!!!
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