267 55 LED glow

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Once you tried these, you won't want to use anything else!

Reviewer: Mary Reichel from United States
I love these chains and double loop handles! I work at an attraction venue and have always used the handles that grip around two fingers for upmost safety factor. The problems was that it took too long to remove them in the middle of my shows. These double loop are fantastic! I feel very secure that they are not going to fly out of my hands while spinning but at the same time they come off like a breeze! The chains are perfect for wraps, they don't Hurt! Thank you Chris for helping me choose the right chains for me! Chris took the time to answer all my questions. 10 stars for customer service!!!

Great combo

Reviewer: Neil Carter Jr. from United States
More controled moves due to the heavier weight of the sand poi balls. I like that alot. This is definitely the way to go for sharpening skills. Very happy with this purchase.

Very happy with the quality

Reviewer: Janne Haimilahti from Finland
Being the first Led balls i have purchased i had some doubts about the durability beforehand but was proven mistaken. These are really solid quality and have a good feel to them. Lighting effect works well and does not require pitch black room to get watchers in awe.
Highly recommending this.
And the delivery was surprisingly fast from NZ to Finland, my orders from UK usually take longer.
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