261 55 LED glow

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Reviewer: Kim Addison from United Kingdom
The delivery was amazingly fast. I had received by purchase within 4 working days, which is impressive as I live the other side of the world. Customer support seems pretty decent, although I haven't had to use it as I have encountered no problems at all. The support given with the order is brilliant too, as fire safety videos are given as standard, alongside another sheet explaining fire safety, types of fuel etc. Very useful as I haven't yet spun with fire and perhaps wouldnt have found out some of the finer details without the information given. All in all, a brilliant service with excellent support. I love it when websites live up to promises.

Kids Fluffy Poi

Reviewer: Si Rayton from United Kingdom
Bought these for my 4 year old son to practice with to stop him from stealing mine! He loves them, thay are soft and perfect for kids but even more surprisingly I find them a great practice tool for me too! especially for hard to get moves and much better qaulity than the cheap sets you can find... so in summary, spot on!

Better than home made

Reviewer: Diannah Beauregard from United States
Prior to my purchasing the monkey fist rope wicks, I made my own wicks of a metal core with a cotton wrap soaked in fuel. The monkey fists burned longer and more evenly, and I believe they will outlast any hand made wicks. I'd recommend these to anyone wanting to spin fire.
Might go for the larger ones next if I can handle the weight. I'm just 5'2" and 100 lbs. so it will take some doing!
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