261 55 LED glow

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Reviewer: Breshiki from United States
These add a little more bulk to the size of the flow stick, but if you've used the ball poi's then you'll be fine. The added size obviously makes the sticks look bigger, which makes them more visible while spinning, which enhances the effects and colors.
The rubber material gives the sticks a nice cushion and makes me much more confident that they'll survive an impact (and hurt less too!). It also gives it a little more added weight to help control the sticks.
Personally, this is a must if you own a flowlight.

Fantastical Contact poi

Reviewer: Brian Davis from United States
I think that the money was really worth it on this pair of poi. I have looked into ways of making them myself and they all end up splitting the poi head in two. Doing this makes it a little awkward when doing contact tricks so I held off to buy a pair of these. It was well worth i. The cord is tight enough to do floats very well, along with stalls, and is still loose enough to do hyperloops.
My only qualm with the poi is that the heads get scuffed up very easily. It only took about a day for marks to start showing up. Other than that you can't do orbitals :)


Reviewer: Patrick Pulliam from United States
These monkey fist poi are truly amazing. They are a lot lighter than I originally thought they were going to be, and truly exceeded my already high expectations. Products like these are the reason Home of Poi is the place to go to for all your fire spinning needs.
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