261 55 LED glow

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Even better than before

Reviewer: Jonas Fathy Aka Leon Ashbird from United Kingdom
2 years ago I bought one of those and they were really good.
Just now, we bought another one for our fireshows and noticed: The staff improved. Much. They weight is way better and it seems to be safer than before due to the new fixing.
5 Stars and thumbs up


Reviewer: Brenn from Australia
Having used the 5-pronged fire fans from HomeofPoi and being acclimatised to their heaviness in comparison to other fire fans I have used, these fans are noticeably lighter in comparison and will produce a large arc of flame that will be slightly more welcoming to firedancers of smaller stature. To new and existing users, however, lots of wrist stretching is recommended before a burn or practice session.
A credit to HomeofPoi for their products and service: This product arrived within 3 days of ordering.

Love the grip!

Reviewer: Jessica(epitome) from United States
This staff is very nicely weighted with small wicks and an amazing non-slip grip. Most of the weight is in the staff itself instead of being balanced and propelled by the wick area like some others available. The leather crossed over the suede type grip makes for great throwing and keeping track of hand placement.
Awesome product that I would recommend to anyone looking for a prominent grip and for beginners as well.
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