261 55 LED glow

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Love it!

Reviewer: Jessica Walker from Australia
comes in handy all the time. great with the uv paint for performance makeup checks.so much stronger than i thought it would be! now my mates all want one even the ones who dont have anything to do with poi or performing! and the little torch is a great idea because we practice in parks and no one ever remembers to bring a torch.

Absolutely wonderful!

Reviewer: Angela Lynx from Australia
The DVD was great. A must have for anyone who either wants to learn poi, or be inspired by twirlers from around the world.
As for the poi, they're just the best! I love them so much. They have a brilliant weight for spinning, you can adjust the cord length, and if you want to spin without the tails, its so simple to remove them. Plus the colour is stunning under UV. I love playing with them and hearing them go through the air. With the tails on there, I find its so much easier learning new moves because you can actually slow down your spinning. You may need to alter your spinning style slightly to accommidate for the tails. Its great having the tails there, you can really see how good your technique is.
I highly recommend these! They're absolutely wonderful!

Glow poi!

Reviewer: Fiona from Australia
I'm so stoked about these! After a failed attempt at a different brand, i decided to go through HOP, and i don't regret it! My friends keep stealing them, they're loads of fun, quite sturdy, and they're great to practise with at night. Next stop - fire poi :)
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