261 55 LED glow

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The best poi ever..

Reviewer: Damion Rinaldi from United States
many of my friends have the poi with the cathedral burning heads, but i find them too heavy. These are the perfect weight if you will be spinning for a long time. I love them, I love this site, I will never go anywhere else for my poi needs.

Great for beginners and beautiful

Reviewer: Lysa Ringquist from United States
I am 50 years old this October and I love to Poi because it keeps me agile, I am not a small woman and it helps me to tone and firm my arms and as I learn to dance with them I will firm my lower body as well. I started to poi 3 years ago and my skill level now is what I consider begining intermediate. :) I find these poi are light as the inside are tennis balls however as light as they are I find them great for going from one move to another with out hurting my self in the process. The rainbow colors are beautiful and catch peoples attention. I also like the detachable streamers so I can practice moves with out them. today I ordered several poi because they really attract attention and people are asking if I have any for sale. Also if people want to try them out, I still have mine to play with:0)

LED raving

Reviewer: Ilona (absinthe_fire) from United Kingdom
I have been to several dance events, such as Global Gathering and Goodgreef, where i have used these LED poi and spun like a crazy ravebunny - every time i go out these go down a treat and look amazing in clubs. The lights are very bright and leave impressive trails as you spin and look awesome on photographs - switch one on before the other to get a nice morphing effect. Worth the reasonable price to buy them.
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