Big unicycle wheel...

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    #828901 - 02/06/07 12:23 AM Big unicycle wheel...
    Invader Xan Offline
    Your friendly neighbourhood mad scientist

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    Ok, random question.

    I want to buy a big ass bike wheel. Like ideally about 60" - 72" (though I'll probably have to settle for one slightly smaller). Anyone have any idea where I'd get one from?

    Are there any unicyclists on here who could point me in the right direction? I've looked at a few, but they don't seem to make any wheels bigger than about 35". Do any do custom jobs? I was thinking maybe a company that makes replica penny farthings. I've also thought about old cartwheels, but they'd be way too heavy...

    Any advice or ideas would be great, cheers!
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    #828902 - 02/06/07 04:30 AM Re: Big unicycle wheel... [Re: Invader Xan]
    PK_ Offline
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    You can find every thing you need there, if not contact Roger the UK distributor and see if he can point you to exactly what your looking for.

    If you have never ridden a uni before!... a coker is going to be a challenge if you ask me.

    Maybe OWD will spot this thread and be more helpfull.

    be kewl!

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    #828903 - 02/06/07 10:32 AM Re: Big unicycle wheel... [Re: PK_]
    onewheeldave Offline
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    The biggest comercial unicycle is the Coker (36" rim).

    but your question doesn't sound like you're after a unicycle?

    If it is for a unicycle, you should think about it cos, even though there are a few 60"+ wheeled unis in existence, they're not good to ride as the tires are solid, whereas the 36" coker is a proper pneumatic (air filled) tyre, hence why it's such a popular wheel.

    If you really do need a 60"+ solid tired wheel, then the best place to get it is indeed from a company that makes authentic penny farthing replicas.

    having said that, PKs advice to contact Roger from, is a good idea- Roger almost certainly doesn't stock what you're after, but he's got a lot of contacts and will probably be able to point you in the right direction.
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    #828904 - 04/06/07 10:33 PM Re: Big unicycle wheel... [Re: onewheeldave]
    Invader Xan Offline
    Your friendly neighbourhood mad scientist

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    Thankyou very much guys, you've been a big help.

    And no, I'm not after the wheel for a unicycle (I'm hopeless at riding one). I'm thinking of making something a bit like a monowheel...

    EDIT-- Actually, something a lot like one of these: Link!
    I was wondering if I could build a custom model (with a few modifications) for less than the $500 price tag of one of those...

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    #828905 - 05/06/07 08:32 PM Re: Big unicycle wheel... [Re: Invader Xan]
    squarefish Offline
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    looks pinchy,
    imagine you got your hand caught in hte spokes?
    ouch city dude!

    More importantly--can you set it on fire?

    #828906 - 05/06/07 10:23 PM Re: Big unicycle wheel... [Re: squarefish]
    pineapple pete Offline
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    looks rather fancy... i rekon itd be great to modify a regular bike so it had wheels that large

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