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Twin Hooks Instructional DVD

This DVD reveals all of the techniques of an award winning advanced level form - not overly flowery and definitely not... Continue
This DVD reveals all of the techniques of
an award winning advanced level form
- not overly flowery and definitely not boring!
Demonstrated by Eric Shou-Li Yao of Kung Fu Brothers in Canada.

With the assistance of multiple angles,
and slow motion capture, even the most
complicated combination techniques are
illustrated in detail.

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The Twin Hook Swords are one of the most
elegant yet brutally lethal bladed weapons in the Chinese arsenal.
Their moon shaped bladed hand guards makes them an instantly recognizable and feared weapon.
All parts of this weapon are double edged, it features a double-sided dagger blade at the base of the handle, and a recurved hook blade at the opposite end.
They are typically used in pairs, however some martial arts styles possess routines that pair the Hook Sword with other weapons eg.
hook and shield.
This DVD provides an instructional look at twin hooks technique, from the renowned Kung Fu Brothers in Canada.

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Truly unmatched service. So many USA retailers could learn a lesson from your practices. That the goods arrive in the USA so quickly is impressive, and is faster than most retailers in the states deliver within a hundred miles!
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