Multi-Color LED Poi ball

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Single Multi-Color LED Glow Ball with Attachment Ring
A SINGLE soft PVC glowing Poi ball.
Two options - one changes slowly through the colors of the rainbow with a dramatic transition effect, the other is a rapid RGB Strobe to create multiple bands of color in your poi circle when spun.
More forgiving than an Ogg in the head.

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Your benefits
  • Thousands of happy customers can't be wrong - everyone loves these!
  • Soft PVC construction is gentle on your body when you are learning.
  • Tough and hard wearing to give a long lifetime product.
  • Bright LED glow that will impress your friends and onlookers.
  • Balls only supplied. Buy your own cords and handles here.
  • Mix and match the colors in the pair if you choose.

Create eye-catching effects with these incredibly popular color changing or RGB Strobe poi.
Soft but tough, they are the answer to every spinner's dream!
'Rainbow' features a slow color fading transition from one color to the next in sequence.
'RGB Strobe' features a faster than the eye can see transition from Red, to Green, then Blue so that when they are spun, it makes arcs of 3 different colors.
Action shots are of the Rainbow color version.

This design features improved switching, high impact resistant materials, sturdy attachment loop, and light diffusing outer surface on the ball.

Cords are not included.
You can easily attach these balls to your own chains or cords using the secure moulded eyelet.
Or, buy ours: cords or purchase the poi set here.

Comes with batteries included.
You can purchase additional batteries here.

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  • 2.75 inches Diameter PVC Ball
  • PVC - soft thermoplastic resin
  • Batteries included 3 x LR44
  • Battery life 10hrs+
  • Connection loop to fit 1/8 inch quicklinks or split ring
  • Twist battery cap to switch on/off
  • High intensity LEDs
  • Weight 2.8 ounces

Making your own AURORA

Reviewer: Jill Choate from United States
These poi are SENSATIONAL! Between us and the northern lights in the sky we are putting on a show in Alaska! Who needs fire when you have your own personal aurora spinning around you. We're spreading the word in the Great land. SPIN POI!

Almost unbreakable

Reviewer: Aenonar from Sweden
I bought a pair of these a month ago, I was suprised when they arrived to Sweden just one week after my payment! I just started swining poi's this christmas and these has been perfect for me! I've banged them into everything in extremely high speeds, I'm not very fond of low speeds.. hehe. Banged them in the ceeling, walls, doors, tables and of course myself! They seems to be almost unbreakable! Not even a dent in them! But last night a very hard hit right into a hard wood table hit the ball right on the battery cap and I'm now unable to light up one of them, but who cares! With these low prices I'll just order a new one! The transision between colors shows up real nice of pictures and movies, but next time I think I'll order solid color balls. Just my own preferance. Thanks alot HOP! I'm currently waiting for some light sticks that should arrive any day now! Great service!

Almost but not completly

Reviewer: Maaike from Netherlands
I have them for over a year now, they bump a lot in to eachother and into me. But it doesn't really hurt. I'm affraid the ring will break fast, so I purchased quicklinks so the splitrings won't damage them.
But they stay the best if you're to new to spin fire and still want to make a nice lightshow!
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